February 24, 2003

Volume 99, Issue 50

Stories from the February 24, 2003 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Dean speaks at National CD conference

Democratic leaders and presidential hopefuls called on students to vote at the annual College Democrats of America convention at the Capitol Hill Hyatt this weekend at a forum connecting student leaders with party elders. “You are the future of this party,” said Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe in his speech Friday to the CDA […]

SA exec joins trimester team

University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg appointed Student Association President Phil Robinson to a committee investigating alternative academic calendars, including a trimester system, last week. The move comes in response to the SA’s petition for more student representation on the advisory committee, which previously included only one student. The exploratory committee, called the “Alternative Academic Calendar […]

Students celebrate engineer’s week

GW concluded National Engineers Week with a sold-out ball Friday night at the Washington Marriott, raising $1,500 for student engineering activities. The annual week of events is celebrated around George Washington’s birthday because the University namesake was a military engineer. Other events throughout the week included a circuit design contest and a three-legged stair race, […]

A capital time at the Capitol

www.capitolhearings.org Have you ever wondered who those people on CNN are (and no, I don’t mean James Carville or Tucker Carlson)? Well, chances are, you voted for them in the last election. Instead of watching them on the television screens in the Media and Public Affairs building, I decided it was time to see our […]

COLUMN: War should be last option

Posted 7:50 p.m. Feb. 25 by Melissa Kronfeld U-WIRE Washington Bureau On an America Online-sponsored international survey, users around the world could vote whether or not they think America is acting as an aggressor in announcing their intentions to go to war with Iraq. The top three nations that believe America is an aggressor and […]

Battle of the sexes

Q: Things have been getting more intimate with a new boyfriend of mine and recently he started asking about my past love life. I tried to change the subject whenever he would bring it up, but this only made him more curious. Finally, when he insisted that whatever I’d done wouldn’t matter to him, he […]

U.S. introduces stiff new resolution

Posted 8:00 p.m. Feb. 25 by Carolyn Polinsky U-WIRE Washington Bureau The United States, Britain and Spain submitted a joint resolution to the United Nations Security Council Monday, declaring that Iraq is not disarming as required by the governing body’s vote last fall. The new resolution says that Iraq is in violation of Resolution 1441, […]

The Provisions cookbook

Who doesn’t love J Street? The fresh food (my favorite is the Marvelous Market sandwiches that have been wrapped up for at least a month or so), the range of healthy choices (from Burger King to Chick-Fil-A to Taco Bell) and the prompt, friendly service are always a plus. But all the same, sometimes it’s […]

Letters to the Editor

Give peace a chance The Hatchet editorial staff is absolutely correct in throwing aside the Bush administration’s claims of connections between Iraq and al Qaeda, and in simply stating, “Iraq is not the ‘immediate’ threat the administration makes it seem” (“Undermining a just cause,” Feb. 20, p.4). While cooperation from Saddam Hussein must be demanded, […]