February 18, 2003

Volume 99, Issue 48

Stories from the February 18, 2003 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Staff Editorial: The other side

The most recent polls show the country is almost split on the issue of launching a preemptive strike on Iraq – it is about 53 percent for and 42 percent against, according to a CBS/New York Times poll. One might never know this, however, by simply following the news or listening to politicians. In the […]

Op-Ed: Don’t disregard needed sacrifice

In reference to the article titled “ROTC students speak out” (Jan. 27, p. 1), I am appalled by the fact that the members of the ROTC program have to face this “battle to win respect amongst their civilian peers.” As an international student, I find this not only disgraceful; I find it is making a […]

The Rich Life: If you like this, hire me!

When my editor asked me to write my first column on procrastination, I laughed at the irony of a born procrastinator giving advice on avoiding procrastination. Nevertheless, I churned out a few tongue-in-cheek tips. Then I got my second assignment, a Valentine’s Day guide. Again, funny topic for me, a guy coming off a rough […]

Men’s defense freezes Spiders

Only about a thousand students braved the blizzard outside the Smith Center Sunday to see the GW men’s basketball team play Richmond, but those that made it soon found they were in for a treat. In a rare blowout in GW’s favor, the Colonials cruised to a 64-50 win to snap a three-game skid. The […]

An alternate way to spend post-grad years

When Eve Goldberg assigned her second grade class to read a book at home for homework last year, she thought it would be a simple assignment, but none of her students did it. “A lot of my kids don’t have any books at home – no books. That was a shock,” Goldberg said. Goldberg, who […]

Out of Bounds: Men’s Basketball

After struggling through much of the season, junior Greg Collucci broke out of a slump with nine points on 3-for-5 shooting from three-point range Sunday. The shooting guard had not made more than one three-pointer in a game all season and was shooting 20 percent from behind the arc going into Sunday’s game. “I still […]

Pursuing further education

There are only three months left before graduation. For many seniors, the days of partying late, waking up late and choosing sleep instead of classes are numbered. So does this mean, gasp, getting a job? It could, unless seniors are willing to stay in school for another few years to further their education. Harsh economic […]

Women bounce back to win

After a blown lead and overtime battle against Massachusetts Thursday brought on shades of GW’s quadruple overtime loss to Xavier, head women’s basketball coach Joe McKeown and his team weren’t about to make the same mistake Saturday. They didn’t, thrashing visiting Duquesne 95-63 at the Smith Center. With Saturday’s win and Thursday’s six-point victory over […]

Battle of the Sexes

Question: I’m in my first serious relationship with a guy, and lately, every time we hook up he offers to go down on me. Actually, it’s more like he insists on performing oral sex, but this idea totally repulses me. I don’t mind doing it to him, but I am way too embarrassed and disgusted […]