January 23, 2003

Volume 99, Issue 41

Stories from the January 23, 2003 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

The Full Nelson: Despite losses, patience will pay off

I don’t know too much about the stock market. Essentially, my knowledge extends to this: you do research on a company, buy low, sell high and turn a pile of change into piles of cash. Sounds pretty good. Well, I’m here to sell you a sports stock, and its official title is the GW Men’s […]

SA Briefs

Alcohol bill rejected After intense debate, the Senate rejected a proposal to change Student Association bylaws to prohibit SA funds from being used to purchase alcohol by an 18-5 vote Tuesday night. “I’m really disappointed that the legislation didn’t pass, especially when it was simply the right thing to do,” said Sen. Dan Moss (U-SBPM), […]

INTERVIEW: Stutter John and friends or how to say pussy in sign

“That’s how you say pussy in sign language?” Both entertainer and interpreter recoil in looks of pure shock. “Pussy … pussy … pussy.” The audience wasn’t sure if they could laugh or not as the entertainer began to berate the interpreter. Little did they know, it would get much worse before it got any better. […]

Op/Ed:GW ignores student housing concerns

The Housing Committee of the Residence Hall Association has had an ongoing dialogue with the University about how the housing selection process could be improved, a relationship that has resulted in many positive improvements over the past few years. Diverging from such a mutual atmosphere, the administration has made dramatic and sudden changes to the […]

Staff Editorial: Hello Commonwealth?

Students requesting University housing next year might get a great view of the Potomac, but there is a chance it will be from the other side of the river. The record class of 2005, with by 300 unexpected incoming freshmen in 2001, has forced the administration to acquire even more housing for next year as […]

Letters to the editor

Protests important As a former student, Hatchet staffer and veteran of several D.C. protests against the Vietnam War, I read with interest Alex Kingsbury’s piece “GW: A Rich History of Anti-War Protests” (Jan. 21, p. 8). Coincidentally, last Saturday I attended my first peace march since my GW days, here in San Francisco. Some things […]

Greek Briefs

Professional fraternities hold fair GW’s three professional fraternities will have representatives in Kogan Plaza Monday to talk to students about the benefits of joining their organizations. Delta Sigma Pi, a business fraternity, Beta Alpha Psi, an accounting fraternity, and Theta Tau, a fraternity focusing on education, will join together for the first time at GW […]

Op/Ed: What good is spilling blood?

I am very much at peace with the fact that Student Association President Phil Robinson vetoed the resolution on joint Israel/United States relations. Taking a position unnecessarily on such a divisive issue puts the student government at odds with a significant portion of the student body. What I am concerned about is that this resolution […]

University bails out financial aid office

Although more than 45 eligible students started out the second semester without complete financial aid packages, the University distributed funds last week after the office received an additional $500,000. Though the financial aid office received a $10-$11 million increase from last year, about 700 more students qualified for financial aid this year, putting the office […]

GW seeks additional residence halls

GW is apartment hunting for at least 500 more beds before this year’s housing lottery, postponed until late March so officials can ensure housing for all students who request to stay on campus. Many of the 2,500 students who arrived as freshmen in 2001, GW’s largest class yet, will seek campus housing as rising juniors […]