January 13, 2003

Volume 99, Issue 38

Stories from the January 13, 2003 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Police arrest Lindy’s robber

A daring daylight burglary of Lindy’s Red Lion Wednesday led to the arrest of a Northeast man police say may be connected in a string of more than 40 District thefts over the past few months. A Lindy’s manager interrupted a robbery in progress Wednesday morning when he opened the restaurant at 7:30 a.m. The […]

Too good to be true

What does the penis say to the condom? Cover me, I am going in. Double click on a link to receive three trial issues of Maxim and earn points toward condoms. The consumer gets a few magazines and a few condoms – all free of charge. The advertiser receives publicity and some of the consumers’ […]

Taking shots with Trachtenberg

There’s an unofficial club here at GW that you won’t find on any list or Web site. Racquetball is the activity, but conversations and friendships are at its core. While the members range in age, ability and status, whoever participates is always treated as an equal. And this club will allow anyone to join … […]

From port to posh

The small shops and restaurants lining M and Wisconsin streets have helped establish Georgetown as one of D.C.’s most fashionable areas. The neighborhood has everything to satisfy expensive tastes-from fine dining, suits and leather jackets to $100-something Diesel jeans. But Georgetown has a history much longer than the lines in Banana Republic and has not […]

Students set up textbook swap

Junior Tim Calise says he has “always been an entrepreneur.” Matt Mandell, also a junior, says he is frustrated about exorbitant textbook prices and getting too little money back when he sells books to the bookstore. Put both GW students together in a residence hall room during summer 2002 and the result was VarsityText.com. Officially […]

Forum: U.S. immigration policy

From the Left: Equal rights in the workplace By Bernard Pollack In December the Atlanta Journal-Constitution told the story of Yoner Tejada, an immigrant from Guatemala, who found himself a home in Atlanta as an undocumented worker. Like millions who risk their lives to enter the United States he sought the American dream – the […]

Transfer student numbers rise

After spending time in D.C. working long hours as members of Louisiana Congressman Lee Fletcher’s campaign staff, Kirk Williamson and Jamie Hennigan were convinced it was time they left Monroe, La., for the excitement of the District. “I love meeting all the diversity of people,” Hennigan said. “At our college (in Louisiana) everyone is from […]