December 5, 2002

Volume 99, Issue 35

Stories from the December 5, 2002 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Greek Briefs

Officials postpone Greek housing announcement Officials postponed announcing the eight Greek-letter fraternities and sororities that will move into Townhouse Row next fall until Friday, noting more discussion is necessary before a decision can be made. “There is a little more homework that needs to be done,” said Mike Gargano, associate vice president for Student and […]

SA Notes

Senate passes controversial pro-Israel legislation The SA signed a resolution Tuesday night supporting a petition started by pro-Israel student organizations, calling for a “mutually beneficial relationship between the U.S. and Israel.” After a heated debate and discussion among senators, the resolution passed 9-7. Representatives from the Student Alliance for Israel, the Israel Peace Project and […]

Guest column: Affirmative action in higher education

As any educator can attest, admissions procedures are kept under lock and key. This secrecy in their admissions process allows each school to keep an advantage over the competition. When I applied to law school, I took notice of the fancy grids that predicted potential success rates of admittance to the schools. I also read […]

Students flip to sitcoms, reality programming

Freshman Mike Plytynski said he avoids five of his friends on Wednesday nights because the atmosphere they create is “too intense” and their attitudes are “too hardcore.” Like several other GW students, Plytynski’s friends sit down each Wednesday to watch NBC’s “The West Wing,” anticipating what the president’s next move will be on the political […]

Column: Gore’s comeback

“Let me ask you one simple question. Do you, Ambassador Zorin, deny the USSR is placing medium- and intermediate-range missiles and sights in Cuba? Don’t wait for the translation! Yes or no? You are in the courtroom of world opinion right now, and you can answer yes or no. You have denied they exist, and […]

PORN PART III: The nuts and a bolt

If the porn business has an equivalent of the Lower Manhattan business district, it would have to be the anonymous suburb of Chatsworth, Calif. And if porn has a Los Angeles equivalent of Wall Street then it is the ironically named Ronald Reagan Freeway. The offices of nearly every major porn studio, production company and […]

Around Campus

Fire evacuates Thurston Hall residents An estimated 1,000 students evacuated Thurston Hall at about 2 a.m. Wednesday after a fire alarm sounded throughout the building. Students were let back into the building after 45 minutes. Smoke emanating from a microwave in a sixth floor room caused the alarm. University Police urged students trying to seek […]

GW seeks later HWC hours

The University appealed to the D.C. Zoning Commission Tuesday to extend Health and Wellness Center hours. The GW proposal also contains a request to sell HWC memberships to 3,000 GW community members, including Foggy Bottom residents, alumni and parents. The board will now hear public comment on the measure and decide on the zoning changes […]

It’s time kids, to shop and f***

The best reason to watch Mark Ravenhill’s play Shopping and Fucking is the first half of act two. A slender, fire-red curtain rolls down backstage resembling a great sensual muscle. Representing the dressing room of an haute couture clothier, the actors respond to it like capillaries popping around a great pulsing ventricle. The play’s central […]