October 24, 2002

Volume 99, Issue 25

Stories from the October 24, 2002 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

INTERVIEW: Johnny Knoxville’s ‘mile of cock’

“I was asleep on the couch one day and (my dad) got a hot dog and ran it through my mouth. When I woke up he acted like he was zipping his pants.” Thus ends the search for the source of Johnny Knoxville’s crude humor and violently slapstick comedy. As Knoxville explained in a recent […]

Drug busts increase

Three times as many students have been evicted this year from University housing for drug possession compared to about this time last year. Twelve individuals have lost housing for drug violations as of last week, while four students were evicted by the first week of October last year, Student Judicial Services Director Rebecca Sawyer said. […]

Kiki and Herb: You new favorite transvestites

Imagine an old lounge singer strutting across stage trailing a silk scarf that conveniently covers her Adam’s apple. Her large blond wig is secured by a rhinestone-covered bow. Her accompanist is furiously pounding the keyboard. She looks into the audience, brings the purple-topped microphone to her lips and opens her mouth. “Wu-tang, motherfucker!” It is […]

Students form groups with SA funds

As a freshman last year, Graham Murphy decided to do what many GW students have considered doing but have never actually done. He started his own student organization. He formed The Out Crowd last year for students who are just “coming out of the closet.” “If you’re not proactive, you’re not going to get a […]

This week at the movies…

Ghost Ship by Matt Windman The poster for the new film Ghost Ship features a large skull rising out of a cruise liner. It was probably designed to scare pre-adolescent children (it desperately screams “I’m scary! Come see me!”). To anyone who’s actually made it through puberty though, it comes across as a tad ridiculous. […]

J-Street workers strike deal

Unionized food workers voted to approve a three-year contract with food service provider Aramark Wednesday, after about five months of negotiations. Aramark responded to most of the workers’ demands concerning higher wages, better health care benefits and more efficient grievance procedures in the new contract, union representatives said. All but one of the 80 unionized […]

INTERVIEW: ‘Passions’ Superstars Chad and Eve

It’s 2 p.m. on a weekday. Where are you? Your seat in Econ. 11 has been vacant all semester. Why? Because “Passions” is on, and you just have to know what is going to happen today to the denizens of Harmony. It’s your dirty little secret. “Passions” is a soap opera for the 21st century. […]

Op-Ed: Our nation’s challenges, young voters’ mission

In 1968, I sat in a car with three friends and drove for hours to hear Robert Kennedy speak. We had no air conditioning, our quarters were cramped and we were running late, with no time to get out and stretch our legs. On the drive back, not one of us doubted that the trip […]

Afghan foreign minister speaks at GW

Afghan Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah spoke about the future of Afghanistan in the wake of the U.S. war on terrorism in the Jack Morton Auditorium Monday, calling fundamentalism a “threat to normal life.” The Elliott School of International Affairs and the GW Law School sponsored the speech, held in front of the packed auditorium in […]

That’s right Ashcroft, They’re Naked

Mark Twain’s words couldn’t be more pertinent when discussing art and its preeminent detractors. “Out of Context – A View from the Hill” is the transfixing new art exhibit on display in D.C.’s Zenith Gallery. Artists Raymond Wiger and David Morgan present a tonal ultimatum to the United States Senate, offering pieces directly responding to […]