October 10, 2002

Volume 99, Issue 21

Stories from the October 10, 2002 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Staff editorial: Money talks

Once again, the College Democrats and the College Republicans are the big winners in the Student Association allocations, each receiving $9,450, the most for any single student group. This is the product of a value-void allocation system, based solely on how much money a student group received the previous year and how much of that […]

Madonna is also still cute

What’s so bad about being stranded on a deserted island with Madonna and a handsome Italian? Guy Ritchie’s remake of the Italian film Swept Away is a romantic drama about two opposite people who are able to transform their passionate hate into love upon realizing money cannot transcend happiness. Filled with underlying allusions about society […]

SA distributes funds

While nearly a dozen student groups protested what they felt were unfair allocations, the Student Association Senate voted in favor of the 2002-2003 allocations bill after a three-and-half-hour meeting Tuesday. The resolution, which SA President Phil Robinson, despite reservations, is expected to sign, allocated more than $218,000 to 135 registered student groups. A University bailout […]

Forum: Students sound off about GW postal problems

Deliver mail on time, keep MC post office GW has one of the worst track records in the mail delivery category. Despite a year of near misses with packages and an instance of not getting plane tickets until three hours before take-off, a letter this year has finally made me realize that the mail system […]

Op-Ed: Who decides for you?

With the recent anniversary of September 11, our eyes have been turned to the things that we hold dear about our nation – especially the health of our democracy. Yet, if November’s election is like those in the past, too few of us who are eligible to vote – perhaps 45 percent – actually will. […]

Voting system to receive upgrade

Posted 8:37 p.m. Oct 10 by Rati Bishnoi U-WIRE (DC BUREAU) (U-WIRE) WASHINGTON–Lawmakers approved legislation granting $3.9 billion to states to improve and upgrade current voting systems last week. The election overhaul bill, H.R. 3295 would help states replace punch-card voting systems, improve voter registration methods and make polling booth accessible to the disabled. The […]

Madness to focus on spirit

Back by popular demand, Village People impersonator “Christopher,” the popular one-man-act from last year’s show, will highlight the outside acts at this year’s Midnight Madness. The show, dubbed “Extreme Madness,” will be the men’s and women’s first informal basketball practices of the season. GW Spirit Chair and event planner Nicole Macchione said this year’s event, […]

Web Extra:Three Colonials garner A-10 honors

After his first place finish at the Temple Owl Invitational Sunday, freshman golfer Andrew Gallo was one of three Colonials to take home Atlantic 10 awards last week. Gallo was named A-10 Performer of the Week for all sports and was also named Rookie of the Week for men’s golf. After finishing the 36-hole tournament […]

Letter: Responsible activism

Activists have a responsibility to be well-informed about the facts and nuances surrounding a chosen cause or action. Likewise, it is the responsibility of individuals, who add their signature to a document, to be informed of what that signature supports. The petition being signed in front of the Marvin Center last Monday (“Uneducated petitioning,” Oct. […]

Letter: Identifying the anti-capitalist

In her editorial, “Too quick to criticize stance of press at protest,” (Oct. 7, p. 5), Leanne Lee says it’s unfair to claim that the protesters at the recent IMF/World Bank meetings were “anti-capitalist” or suffer from “thoughtlessness and a want of reflection” because some of the protesters were environmentalists or opposed the war in […]