October 3, 2002

Volume 99, Issue 19

Stories from the October 3, 2002 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Golfers finish fourth after strong first round

The GW golf team finished in the middle of the pack in Monday’s Rehoboth Beach Invitational in Delaware, with the A team finishing fourth and the B team finishing sixth. GW started all 10 of its golfers at the tournament. Only the A team’s results counted towards the Atlantic 10 standings. GW head coach Scott […]

The Full Nelson

A few weeks ago I couldn’t find GW students a college football team but now I realize where I went wrong. It was an easy mistake to make yet, so stupid. Now though, I have found a suitable team. here’s how. I was invited to the Northwestern vs. Navy game by my girlfriend’s father, uncle, […]

Staff editorial: Cut the wires

The University is right to be cautious in expanding its wireless technology program. Though wireless technology is the future of Internet connectivity on college campuses, the administration should move diligently to iron out security concerns before moving forward with the project. Imagine being able to take your laptop with you from your residence hall to […]

Gore calls on President Bush to address economy

In his second major policy speech since returning to the public eye, former Vice President Al Gore challenged President George W. Bush to address the nation’s faltering economy with the same vigor he has shown in addressing international affairs Wednesday. Speaking in Washington, D.C. the 2000 Democratic presidential nominee slammed the current administration’s policies, accusing […]

IMF What? What’s this I hear about a protest?

We look to you for guidance, oh provocateurs of the modern mediums, those who gather in the streets to execute the most complex of artistic endeavors. During the weekend of Friday Sept. 27 on a leisurely stroll through Farragut Park, I encountered what seemed to be a semi-annual folk and arts festival. Though this year’s […]

SSN use causes student concern

GW President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg said the University is moving toward assigning student identification numbers without using Social Security numbers to protect students’ identities in response to student and parent concerns. The nine-digit Social Security number is the most commonly used record keeping identifier in the country and is used on many college campuses across […]