October 3, 2002

Volume 99, Issue 19

Stories from the October 3, 2002 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Staff editorial: Protect students from identity theft

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the country, yet GW continues to use students’ Social Security numbers for identification. This system should be considered an immediate security threat that puts more and more students at risk for identity theft. Students worried about their identity being stolen can change their student identification […]

Op-Ed: Protesters miss big picture

While I appreciate the fervor with which many of this year’s globalization protesters voiced their views, they fail to see the larger picture and instead resort to the seemingly the last acceptable form of bigotry left – America bashing. I acknowledge that some people give voice to important issues and can proudly point to certain […]

Letter: Don’t sit on sidelines

Last Saturday, my plans were ruined because the police broke up the party I was going to just as I arrived. Sad and frustrated about the night’s failure, my friends and I wandered down to the Georgetown/GW shuttle bus to head home. As we waited, a visibly drunk and stumbling woman came walking down the […]

Crime Log

Disorderly Conduct 9/27 -– Thurston Hall 12 a.m. Case Closed U.S. Secret Service called UPD to the scene by after students were yelling obscenities and throwing things at Secret Service officers. University Police identified the subjects in the room. U.S. Secret Service chose not to prosecute. Referred to SJS 9/26 – Mount Vernon Shuttle 7 […]

Letters: Response to protest coverage

MPD actions warranted In its Monday, Sept. 30 editorial “MPD arrests limit freedom,” the GW Hatchet erred when it claimed that the rights of last weekend’s anti-capitalist demonstrators were violated. The protection of the First Amendment does not extend to those who violate the rights of others. Had the anti-capitalist demonstrators wanted to avoid mass […]

Campus holds plans for wireless expansion

Technology officials said GW wants to expand wireless Internet access to more academic buildings this year, but plans will be postponed while the University addresses funding and “hacking” issues. The Gelman Library, Medical Center Himmelfarb Library, Kogan Plaza and Pushkin Plaza next to the Academic Center are currently equipped for wireless users with laptop computers. […]

My city is prettier than yours

District painter Yolanda Frederikse’s testimony to the American landscape opens at the Washington Printmakers Gallery in Dupont Circle this weekend. A mix of both lithographs and watercolors, her work is a multi-sensory experience. The exhibit, “Points of View: The American Landscape,” focuses on vantage points – putting the viewer somewhere not necessarily shown in the […]

Golfers finish fourth after strong first round

The GW golf team finished in the middle of the pack in Monday’s Rehoboth Beach Invitational in Delaware, with the A team finishing fourth and the B team finishing sixth. GW started all 10 of its golfers at the tournament. Only the A team’s results counted towards the Atlantic 10 standings. GW head coach Scott […]

The Full Nelson

A few weeks ago I couldn’t find GW students a college football team but now I realize where I went wrong. It was an easy mistake to make yet, so stupid. Now though, I have found a suitable team. here’s how. I was invited to the Northwestern vs. Navy game by my girlfriend’s father, uncle, […]

Staff editorial: Cut the wires

The University is right to be cautious in expanding its wireless technology program. Though wireless technology is the future of Internet connectivity on college campuses, the administration should move diligently to iron out security concerns before moving forward with the project. Imagine being able to take your laptop with you from your residence hall to […]