September 12, 2002

Volume 99, Issue 13

Stories from the September 12, 2002 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Boobs and Booze: Fred Folsum meshes sex, depravity and high art

Nothing spells artistic expression like a triptych portrait of booze, nudity and nicotine all bathed in erotic reds, yellows and oranges. These images flood the end gallery at the Arts Club of Washington, 2017 Eye St. Certain words come to mind when viewing the center’s newest exhibition “The Go-Go Paintings and Other Figurative Works.” Of […]

9/11: Applications increase to NY, D.C. schools

New York University junior Daniel Kline remembers exactly where he was the morning of September 11. Kline lives mere blocks from the World Trade Center and volunteered at ground zero for days after the towers collapsed. “People, more or less, have gotten themselves back to normal now,” Kline said. “But people still cry and talk […]

Searching for soul at ground zero

It’s hard to say whether or not a city as transient as Washington, D.C. has a stable soul. But in “Anthems”, Arena Stage’s newest play, a noble attempt is made to catalogue one. It is not hard to see that many cultures and backgrounds clash here, but when it comes to finding the pulse of […]

Staff Editorial: Serious consideration needed for closure of H Street

University Police Department officers directing traffic outside the Marvin Center have recently cost the University $2,600 for two weeks of work. Instituted to ensure student safety among increased pedestrian traffic and auto congestion, this is only a temporary solution for what has become one of the busiest spots on campus. The University is spending money […]


The Reef Adams Morgan 2446 18th St. NW Price: No cover Dress Code: Casual Making my way to the front of the surprisingly short line at The Reef last Thursday I proudly handed my shiny new ID to the bouncer. He cocked his head in confusion and it took me a moment to realize why. […]

Jonesin’ for Willie? Shakespere’s gotcha

In our country’s current state, it is often easy to forget the role that hope plays in our daily lives. Hope, rebirth and rejuvenation of the human spirit are only a few themes that Michael Kahn explores in his new adaptation of William Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s Tale,” a masterful work currently playing at the Shakespeare […]

Clippers and Curls: Cube hits up Barbershop

What does it take for a small barbershop make it — a good pair of clippers, a big smile and a quick tongue? It’s a place where tragedy mixes with comedy as hair drops to the floor. You can’t get this kind of service in the mall. If you want the real deal, you must […]

Identical twins face off at Ohio

Identical twins Kimberly and Rachel Sanders will take the term “sibling rivalry” to a new level Friday when the two will compete against one another for the first time in their athletic careers. Kimberly, a senior midfielder for the Colonials (2-1), will go head-to-head with her twin sister, Rachel, a defender for host Ohio University, […]

Op-Ed: Aramark workers deserve fairness

When I started school at GW I liberally spent my meal points at J Street, rarely thinking about what it is like to work for Aramark (contracted by GW). At the time, I remember thinking that the workers were abrasive, bitter, disgruntled and sometimes downright mean. I did my best to avoid any confrontation and […]

Letter: Defending Patriotism

I write today as a proud American in response to the inflammatory remarks made by one student regarding actions taken by this nation since September 11 entitled “Hypocritical Patriotism (Sept. 9, p.4).” The bitterness in the writing obscures the truth. A primary instance is the calumnious misquote of Assistant Attorney General Michael Chertoff. The statement, […]