July 8, 2002

Volume 99, Issue 7

Stories from the July 8, 2002 issue of the GW Hatchet.

GW alters alcohol policy

Students have one more reason to avoid being caught drinking underage this year as parents will be notified when students receive alcohol violations, GW officials said. GW only notified parents about drug violations and hospitalizations up until this spring, when the University decided to contact parents when Student Judicial Services finds a student guilty of […]

Celebrating the Fourth

Thousands of patriotic area residents and tourists attempted to beat the 100-degree Fourth of July heat, staking out positions for the annual fireworks on the National Mall. Members of the Sigma Nu fraternity (l.) were among many GW students who participated in Independence Day festivies including the annual parade and the Silk Road cultural festival. […]

John Mayer to headline Welcome Week

Student Activities Center officials announced rock musician John Mayer will perform Monday, Sept. 2 to close out 2002 Welcome Week activities. Mayer is set to bring his guitar skills and jazz music to the Smith Center at 9 p.m., adding to a week of programs from Aug. 29-Sept. 3 already including comedian Lewis Black and […]

Cruising the Hot Rod Circuit

I covered my ears, wincing as electrical shrieks in painfully grating tones resonated through a church auditorium. Despite my reaction, Hot Rod Circuit played on in a vain attempt to combat the disinterest, and sometimes disdain, of an apathetic crowd. Even taken in context, the show was pretty awful. My prognosis: this band sucks and […]

Two CI leaders dismissed after allegations

Two Colonial Inauguration cabinet members were dismissed from duties following the second CI after a female leader accused a male leader of sexual assault, GW officials said. While the accused male was let go as part of procedure in sexual assault cases, the female cabinet member was asked to leave because of personal issues unrelated […]

Staff editorial: Special delivery

The decision by Mail Services officials to centralize package distribution is bad news for students living on campus. The process of getting packages from point A to point B will now definitely take longer and students can expect an extra hassle that will squeeze their already full schedules. The location at 2025 F Street, near […]

Staff editorial: GW’s gonna tell

Students must approach the University’s decision to notify parents about all alcohol offenses maturely, instead of instantly labeling GW a tattletale. Yes, college students have reached the age where parental control is no longer necessary and even unheard of, but they are not absolved from being held accountable for their actions. If a student is […]

Around Campus

New options to join J-Street line up With the addition of three food options at J Street this year, GW’s food service provider Aramark will offer GW students a better variety than before, GW officials said. Aramark Marketing Program Manager Amelia Powell said students will be able to purchase “authentic” Philadelphia cheesesteaks at a new […]

Inside our pages: Problems facing groups should be discussed

If two CI leaders are dismissed from the cabinet and no one hears about it, should a student newspaper run a story about it? This was the question facing the Hatchet staff and legal counsel as summer heat climbed above 90 degrees over the July 4 holiday weekend. With CI five scheduled for the coming […]

Letters to the editor: SJT more than meets the eye

(Christine) Muchanic’s recent letter criticizing President Trachtenberg for his lack of visibility on campus and lack of interest in the student body (“SJT invisible to campus,” June 10) is a perennial complaint that surfaces in The Hatchet. As a fellow alum from the class of 2001, I would like to offer an opposing view. Ms. […]