June 10, 2002

Volume 99, Issue 4

Stories from the June 10, 2002 issue of the GW Hatchet.

New Division I team hires coach

GW marked the official start of its varsity women’s softball program last week by announcing the hiring of head coach Leslie Moore. Softball will move from competing at the club level to playing as a varsity team in the Atlantic 10, joining every other A-10 school except Richmond. Citing the advantages of starting a new […]

Another odd couple

An uptight British guy teamed with a wily street hustler to save the world? Parents hide your children, the hilarity inherent in the clash of their personalities is too much to handle. I’ll admit, it sounds bad, but Bad Company isn’t actually as bad as it could be. Jack Hayes (Chris Rock) is a young […]

The year in the news

Students react to chaotic fall While students were preoccupied with the first couple weeks of classes and getting accustomed to the school year on Sept. 11, the University community was stunned by the attacks which hit the World Trade Center and, more closely, the Pentagon. Viewable from most buildings on campus, smoke from a smoldering […]

Staff Editorial: Printing out of pocket

Students will have one more reason to complain about GW nickel-and-diming this fall, as the library and other computer labs on campus begin charging 7 cents a page to print. While some were upset last semester when the Center for Academic Technologies implemented a cap on student printing, the jump from virtually free printing to […]

Cage and Slater go to war

We often see portrayed the sad and lonely Indian, mistreated since Christopher Columbus first set foot onto American soil. In the new feature Windtalkers, however, we gain more complex image of the Native American. Laying aside personal disdain for the U.S. government, a number of Native Americans enlisted in World War II to assist in […]

Live from GW: ‘Crossfire’ now calls campus home

Please remain in your seats and turn off all cell phones and pagers. Photographs are allowed before or after the show, but there will be no flash photography at any time. Applause, applause, applause! And so begins another edition of CNN’s “Crossfire,” which began filming from GW’s Media and Public Affairs building five nights a […]

U.S. troops don’t belong in Phillipines

I am writing to you from a different side of the war on terrorism. I have been living in the Philippines for a year. I hear the situation of the American people from my family and friends still in the United States while observing and participating in the life of the Filipino people. While the […]

Friends recall Krug’s kindness, openness

Friends and family of Daniel Krug said the 30-year-old graduate student “always put other people ahead of himself.” Krug, who was found dead in his K Street apartment last weekend, was a second-year master’s of business administration student. He was also pursuing a degree in international affairs and hoped to work in international disaster relief, […]

Letter to the Editor: Open Jewish dialogue

As American Jewish students, we feel that our unique perspective has been ignored. It has been lost somewhere in the ambiguity that is neither the radical right nor the radical left. It is not just the story of two students, but is becoming common among the feelings of progressive Jewish young people. It seems most […]