April 8, 2002

Volume 98, Issue 57

Stories from the April 8, 2002 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Sorority olympics help collect food

The Alpha Phi sorority claimed victory Sunday at the Watermelon Fest Olympics, an annual two-day competition that collects non-perishable food and money for charity. Eight sororities participated this year. The Olympics, held on the Quad at noon, consisted of eight events including a melon toss, honeydew bowling and a watermelon seed-spitting contest. Each team earned […]

Letters: PB rocks out

The Freshman Block Party is just that, a freshman party. It was planned by freshmen for freshmen (“We Wanna Ride, April 4). Upperclassmen were invited to come by and enjoy the concert, but they were not the target audience. It’s not as if upperclassmen have been attending every year and suddenly this right was taken […]

Virginia campus expands

As GW develops its 43 acres in Foggy Bottom to full capacity, the Virginia Campus in Loudoun County is busy expanding from 50 to 90 acres in a long-term plan to innovate its current graduate and research programs and introduce new opportunities. “We are bulging at the seams in our current buildings,” Executive Dean of […]

Letter: Funny, not crude

Can the GW community lighten up just a little? It seems as though every week a GW student is complaining about how an article offended them in some ridiculous way. To say that The Hatchet loses credibility because it has a little fun on April Fool’s day is just absurd. In fact, many publications, as […]

Letter: Get over it!

In reference to the (“Snatchet distasteful”) letter in the April 4 Hatchet, I ask Aaron J. Aisen to quit whining. First, I would like to say, “welcome to GW.” Being that this is Aisen’s first year encountering The Snatchet, he is entitled to his initial shock. But why not take it for what it is […]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Gelman libraries receive virus

The server that controls 21 machines on the first, third and sixth floors in the Gelman library received a major virus last Friday. The backup server was unable to be brought online, and information technology specialists had to reconstruct the old server from scratch. “I am confident we will have them back and running before […]

Spotlight: A space of their own

Nahed Turkestani rushes to the back of the ceramics studio and dumps more than 150 pounds of gray, wet clay onto a canvas-covered table. Spreading the clay into an seven-by-two foot panel, Turkestani leaves the clay to set and begins working on thin panels from her sketches, forming and sculpting palm trees, windows, doors and […]

Inside our pages: April Fool’s has long history

The reviews are in. Some were disgusted, some were insulted but the overwhelming majority of our readers who contacted us have taken the April Fool’s issue of The Snatchet in the spirit it was delivered. We were crude, impolite and crass, but we just wanted to make you laugh. Some of the most frequent questions […]

Adding alternative art

Bored on a Saturday afternoon? Can’t think of anything to do? Want a huge Celtic knot on your back? Here’s a suggestion: Venture to one of D.C.’s safe and reputable tattoo parlors and pick out a clever design or part of your body to pierce. Fatty’s Custom Tattooz, in Dupont Circle, and Jinx Proof, in […]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Patagonia CEO addresses GW business students

Patagonia CEO Michael Crooke admitted Wednesday that “dirtbags” are his favorite people. Speaking in Funger Hall to about 80 people, mostly MBA students from the School of Business and Public Management, he explained that they are the consumers who truly appreciate Patagonia’s products and company mission. Crooke said Patagonia is not a typical outdoor clothing […]