April 8, 2002

Volume 98, Issue 57

Stories from the April 8, 2002 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

INTERVIEW: Danny DeVito, The troll speaks

He’s a troll. Short and stocky with a bitter, twisted temperament. He’s traded insults with Batman, given smoking tips to Method Man and played ball with Michael Jordan. Actor-director Danny DeVito has his hands in a lot, everything from producing to acting to set design. In his newest film, Death to Smoochy, DeVito directs, produces […]

Students call for worker rights

A day of protests by the Progressive Student Union Thursday culminated in a picket line outside the MPA building an hour before the taping of CNN’s “Crossfire.” About 20 students and community members who gathered for the evening demonstration said they were protesting Oncore Construction’s alleged abuse of foreign workers working at the Virginia Campus […]

MOVIE BUFFS: 3 Kings teams pretty boys and gangsta flavar

Long Story Short: George Clooney, Ice Cube and Mark Wahlberg are Desert Storm soldiers that try their best to steal Saddam’s gold while at the same time freeing the oppressed masses. They may be pretty boys but in this movie they’re some bad-ass dudes. Alan Says: Three Kings (Warner Bros.) is a rare experience because […]

Staff editorial: Drugging education

A 1998 law created by Rep. Mark Souder (R-Ind.) to amend the Higher Education Act of 1965 strips students convicted of selling or using drugs of their federal financial aid. During the 2000-01 academic year alone, more than 47,000 applicants for federal financial aid were stripped of some or all of their assistance because of […]

Beyond GW

University of California recalls students from Israel In the wake of the State Department’s warning released last week against travel to Israel, Gaza and the West Bank, the University of California has postponed its Israeli study abroad program and asked the 27 students currently studying there to return home. Twenty-eight of the 55 students who […]

Freshmen Block Party makes chilly return

Despite cross-campus advertising and a popular band, Saturday’s Freshman Block Party on the Quad drew a smaller turnout than organizers had hoped for. “We had a smaller turnout than we would have liked,” said Mitchell Hall President Kelley Rowe said “But considering the weather, I think it was respectable.” Organizers and students said cold weather […]

Student leaders sold for charity

GW’s student leaders strutted their stuff on a catwalk at the first-ever Food and Friends Date Auction Thursday night in the Hippodrome. Hundreds of enthusiastic students cheered on participants as fierce competition broke out over who could attract the highest bid. The highest bidder received an all-expenses-paid date. GW graduate student Jeff Marootian purchased College […]

Staff editorial: Growing Virginia campus

GW’s Virginia campus, located in Loudon County, is growing. The acquisition of the PSINet building and its surrounding land for $27 million gave the Loudon campus an additional 40 acres of space, nearly doubling the size. And GW reports that tuition dollars from students on the main campus have not gone toward campus improvements, no […]

Sorority olympics help collect food

The Alpha Phi sorority claimed victory Sunday at the Watermelon Fest Olympics, an annual two-day competition that collects non-perishable food and money for charity. Eight sororities participated this year. The Olympics, held on the Quad at noon, consisted of eight events including a melon toss, honeydew bowling and a watermelon seed-spitting contest. Each team earned […]

Letters: PB rocks out

The Freshman Block Party is just that, a freshman party. It was planned by freshmen for freshmen (“We Wanna Ride, April 4). Upperclassmen were invited to come by and enjoy the concert, but they were not the target audience. It’s not as if upperclassmen have been attending every year and suddenly this right was taken […]