April 1, 2002

Volume 98, Issue 55

Stories from the April 1, 2002 issue of the GW Hatchet.

SAE, ZBT joins hazers anonymous

Several fraternities jumped up and kicked the University in the balls Friday when they announced at a press conference that they are starting an organization for fraternities that haze. “We’re tired of all this pussy fraternity shit,” said Snatches Are Excellent President Friday Focker. “You got questions, I’ve got answers. We haze the shit out […]

Japs protest CP loss, don black in protest

GW Japs declared a campus-wide month of mourning this week over the loss of Columbia Plaza as a viable housing option. The bitches announced they will wear all black on Friday and Saturday nights all month. “Like there’s a fucking surprise,” was the most common response from students. Others included: “Does mourning shed fat from […]

TRL to battle CNN

In a bid to compete with CNN’s Crunchtire, MTV executives have decided to move TRL to GW permanently. “We wanted to get something for the lame kids as well as the poli-sci nerds,” said University President Steely Dan Truckasaurus. The show will be broadcast from the Terrace in J Street. Lame-obsessed young people with nothing […]

Arts: GW sex scandel revealed

Merely minutes after the announcement of the tragic breakup of Justin Timberlake and the vivacious Britney Spears, the pop-diva cum legitimate film star was spotted in J Street making come-hither glances at GW’s number one policy wonk, Posh Swinger. But almost as soon as word spread of Swinger’s sexual victory, campus sources reported a sea […]

Crime Report

Liquor Law Violation 3/18 Livetostudy Hall A Community Fornicator smelled orange juice on the seventh floor. An administrative search was conducted, and an empty bottle of Fresh Samantha orange juice was confiscated. Orange juice is the latest addition to the list of beverages forbidden by the CLLC, because “if you leave it out too long […]

THE BAR HO: Ho gets fucked up

Well girls, the weather is warming up outside and you know what that means – time to get slutty! Needing to break free from the winter blahs last Thursday, the Barhoe traded her black pants for a booty-baring miniskirt and hit the town for some springtime fun. Ready to party, she went searching for just […]

The original Snatch opens up

Like everyone at the George Washington University, we here at the Snatchet hold high a proud tradition of borrowed names, likenesses and fabricated traditions associated with this country’s great forefathers who had nothing to do with, nor would ever want to be associated with, some piddly second-tier school located in the armpit of our nation’s […]

Salty Sea Men conquers GW

The GW music scene has long been defined by its proclivity for promoting what some would describe as pathetic-ass rock and no-talent ass-clowns that should shut their damn mouths. To combat this development, a new movement in rock has spawned, thrusting one GW band into the spotlight. Captain Blueballs and the Salty Sea Men are […]

GW singer Sadam Richmen eats from dumpster

Small-crowd-pleasing acoustic rocker Sadam Richmen chose to forego the financially secure future a college degree promises and instead go on tour around the country playing small crowds of undergraduates. Last seen at GW’s Fuck Fest, where he performed for a record crowd of 13 people, Richmen was a campus mainstay, forcing his pleasant, poppy folk-rock […]