March 28, 2002

Volume 98, Issue 54

Stories from the March 28, 2002 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Patagonia CEO to offer business tips

Patagonia clothing company CEO Michael Crooke will address GW business students Wednesday about the “ReEvolution of Business: Strategies of the 21st Century.” Crooke said in an interview that he plans to discuss the three facets he believes create a successful, sustainable business in today’s economic climate: environmental, social and financial aspects of a company. “When […]

Police arrest ecstasy dealer

A student was arrested and charged with felony possession of more than 500 pills of ecstasy with intent to distribute Tuesday after a University Police raid in Fulbright Hall, according to Metropolitan Police. Metropolitan Police Department spokesman Tony O’Leary identified the suspect as 19-year-old Christopher Schrader, who was arraigned at D.C. Superior Court Wednesday. O’Leary […]

The random flower guy and that pesky need to love someone

The random flower guy and that pesky need for love from someone Since the beginning of time, men and women have been in romantic relationships. Adam and Eve were a couple in love sharing the world in a flowing garden of sensual fruits, beds of flowers, exotic animals and luscious scenery. Over the ages our […]

Assault victims critique system

Rape survivors at GW said they have mixed feelings about University services, programs and willingness to help. While programs such as the University Police’s Sexual Assault Crisis Consultation Team has drawn positive reviews from students, survivors said GW needs a student-run counseling program and tighter controls on confidentiality of their cases. Breach of trust Shelley […]

Letters to the Editor

Jacobsen rebuked We find it disgraceful that newly-elected Student Association Sen. Don Jacobsen (G-CCAS) has started his Senate career by insulting his fellow members. As the two graduate senators currently representing the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, we are dumbfounded at his accusations and assumptions. Jacobsen has no prior experience and no exposure to […]

Staff Editorial: Combating rape

GW’s policies for dealing with rape are sound in that students have outlets for coping with the reprehensible, barbaric act of rape. Whether it is the University Police Department’s Sexual Assault Crisis Consultation team or the University Counseling Center’s systematic approach for dealing rape’s psychological aftermath, female students have options. But the University can do […]

INTERVIEW: Ice Cube, gets real with The Hatchet

It all happened back in January 1989. I was a young, skinny white boy standing in the corner for an hour, head against the wall. Yes, I was crying. Why you ask? I yelled, “Fuck tha Police” a little too loud and mom wasn’t too happy. I tried to tell her N.W.A. made me do […]

Staff Editorial: Dealing with trash

When The Hatchet reported the story March 14 (“Confidential records disposed of incorrectly”), the GW community learned that more than 250 Elliott School student files were placed in unsecured trash bins by GW maintenance staff. Accidents do happen. But it is comforting to see ESIA Dean Harry Harding taking the right steps to make sure […]

Killing TV characters made cool: Death to Smoochy

Manipulative agents, scheming television execs, the violent leader of a charity organization for building children’s hospitals and a psychotic, vulgar ex-television star have all joined forces to kill a kindhearted, innocent purple Rhino named Smoochy in the witty satirical comedy Death to Smoochy. Edward Norton (Fight Club) stars as Sheldon Mopes, a struggling children’s entertainer […]

Staff Editorial: More diverse faculty

In a study released by the Vice President of Academic Affairs Don Lehman’s office, 28 percent of new faculty hires are faculty of color, marking a 10-percent jump over the past five years. This is good news for the University, although more improvement in this area is needed. According to the Recruitment and Retention of […]