February 25, 2002

Volume 98, Issue 48

Stories from the February 25, 2002 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

The Movie Buffs get wet and sticky in the summer heat

Long Story Short: No, it’s not an “adult” film. The guys from MTV’s “The State” go to summer camp. Welcome to the last day of Camp Firewood, August 1981. Alan Says: As a Jewish guy and an eight-year veteran of Jewish summer camp, I was eager to see this movie. Eight weeks of friends, pranks […]

Lottery glitches taint online housing debut

GW’s first-ever online housing selection was hampered by computer problems Sunday. Rising juniors and seniors selecting after 11 a.m. were unable to track which rooms were taken because Housing Services chose to remove the “availability screen,” and some rooms were assigned to too many people. The availability screen, which showed selection developments in real time, […]

New meters proposed for D.C. taxis

If a proposal being considered by the D.C. Taxicab Commission passes, GW students will pay for cab rides by the mile and minute rather than zones. Under the current system, a customer is charged a fare based on the number of zones that the trip travels through. The proposed meter system would charge a fare […]

Staff editorial: We’re with Phil

On Wednesday students will select their next Student Association president and executive vice president, among other positions. We at The Hatchet think the combination of Black Student Union President Phillip Robinson for SA president and Eric Daleo for executive vice president would best serve students. Robinson’s ideas include promoting increased diversity at GW, making SA […]

Spring 2002 Lacrosse Schedule

Day Date Time Team Location Saturday February 16, 2002 10am Georgetown University Mt. Vernon Sunday February 17, 2002 2pm Mary Washington Mt. Vernon Saturday February 23, 2002 3pm OPEN Saturday March 2, 2002 2pm George Mason Mt. Vernon Sunday March 3, 2002 2pm Drexel Mt. Vernon Saturday March 9, 2002 3pm Maryland Mt. Vernon Sunday […]

Students irked by pricey No Doubt tickets

Students said they are disappointed with the price and low number of GW tickets for the April 26 No Doubt concert at the Smith Center. The Program Board brought the act to campus in coordination with local promoter IMP, owner of the 9:30 Club. The concert is part of a national tour by No Doubt […]

Forum: Israel’s perilous path to war

It seems like everything we Americans accept regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict directly opposes what the rest of the world thinks. When Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon criticizes Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, President George W. Bush immediately agrees. This, despite Sharon’s contradictory assertions that Arafat is both “extremely dangerous” and “irrelevant.” In a Jan. 29 press […]

New York Times Crosswords

Crosswords available for download in PDF format. Requires Adobe Acrobat. March 8th, 2002 March 7th, 2002 March 6th, 2002 March 5th, 2002 March 4th, 2002 – New York Times

Martha’s Marathon raises 46K

“Sold! For $4,600!” As the auctioneer’s gavel fell on the first auctioned number, Residence Hall Association members in charge of the 37th annual Martha’s Marathon, leaped up and cheered. “That was the highest bid in the history of Martha’s Marathon and that made the night for me – it was unbelievably awesome,” RHA President Noel […]

Letter: Greek split response

I have closely followed the responses to The Hatchet’s Feb. 14 article (“Greek policies split groups.”) I must respond to Adam Banner’s Feb. 21 letter, which claims the NAACP “apologized for causing a disturbance” in our protest of Sigma Nu’s choice to fly the Confederate Flag outside of their house. Banner has been misinformed. The […]