February 11, 2002

Volume 98, Issue 44

Stories from the February 11, 2002 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Staff editorial: Housing – hold up

When University officials first announced an online housing lottery to replace the traditional day-long line across J Street, the new system appealed to students. Just as registering for classes caught on in 1999, the new system promised to make a difficult process much simpler. But when the Residence Hall Association learned last week that students […]

Dean serves Senate panel

Law School Dean Michael Young sat among Japanese paintings and sumo sculptures in his 23rd Street new office last week to discuss his plans to serve on a new Senate commission. The commission will organize the 50th anniversary celebration of the Brown v. Board court decision that integrated blacks and whites in public schools. The […]

Staff editorial: A $37,000 reality

For 13 years the University had a streak of declining tuition hikes. That trend ended last Friday when GW’s Board of Trustees approved a 4.9 percent tuition hike, up from a 4.4 percent raise last year. It is not a surprise the University raised tuition and it is even understandable that most of the budget […]

Cho brings comedy, motivational routine to GW

Stand-up comedienne Margaret Cho returned to campus for her fifth GW performance as part of her “Notorious C.H.O.” tour Saturday night, entertaining students with tales of alcohol abuse, eating disorders, sex and drag queens in the Smith Center. “It kind of freaked me out a little bit,” freshman Jeremy Stadelman said. “It was more gross […]

Flaenco festival proves to be a fiery exchange

The red spotlight burns and a distinct aura of passion fills the stage, lit like a fuse. A building eruption waiting for release. In rapid succession comes a disciplined clapping and, with the utterance of a single chant, the stage explodes giving birth to a language of its own. The dance speaks for itself, telling […]

GW trustees approve 4.9% tuition increase

GW’s Board of Trustees approved a 4.9 percent tuition hike Friday, raising tuition and fees to $27,820. The majority of the extra money will pay back facilities debts and staff pay raises. When added to room and board, the GW pricetag is now $36,930 for incoming freshmen and sophomores and is set to top $40,000 […]

Arts: Hatchet talks with Margaret Cho

Though her act in the Smith Center Saturday night focused on topics like menstruation and colon hydrotherapy, in person comedian Margaret Cho is serious and soft-spoken. In an interview with The Hatchet, the 33-year old comedienne talked about her act, her message and some things on the horizon. Cho has tackled several forms of media, […]

Panel plans SJS review

SA Executive Vice President Josh Singer said there are “a ton of problems inherent in the judicial system” at GW and asked the Joint Committee of Faculty and Students to begin a process of reforming the Student Code of Conduct at a Friday meeting. “I want to see a fundamental change in the total procedures […]


Long Story Short: They call him the Daywalker. He’s half man, half vampire. He’s dedicated his life to hunting the latter. Unfortunately for Blade (Wesley Snipes), his job is about to get a lot harder. Unfortunately for the vampires, Blade has a really cool sword. Alan Says: For the past four years, people have been […]

Web unfit for housing

When students log on to GWeb Feb. 24 to choose housing for next year, they might not be able to pick the exact room they want, GW officials told the Residence Hall Association Friday. RHA President Noel Frame said Housing Services Director Andrew Sonn told her Friday that BannerWeb will only allow students to select […]