January 31, 2002

Volume 98, Issue 41

Stories from the January 31, 2002 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

CLLC accepts student excuses

Fifty-two freshmen so far have taken advantage of a special exemption form GW created this year to allow sophomores to move off campus. Citing financial difficulty, religious reasons, medical conditions and other circumstances, freshmen said they were surprised to find how easy it was to dodge a new GW requirement that all sophomores live on […]

GW denies liability in music thefts

At least one music student has threatened to sue GW for the loss of an instrument in the recent rash of thefts from the music department. Risk Management officials maintain that the University is not responsible for the December thefts. Senior Jenna Kwiatoski, whose $1,500 trumpet was stolen during winter break, said GW is responsible […]

State of service, war

Following Sept. 11, anyone would be hard-pressed to argue we are living in a world unchanged. President George W. Bush was clear about our new realities Tuesday night during the annual State of the Union address. But unlike his last address before a joint session of Congress in which he served mainly as consoler in […]

Opinion: HWC’s elite locker room practices

Now that the Advisory Neighborhood Commission has declined to support GW’s bid to permit outsiders to use the Health and Wellness Center, perhaps it’s a good time to wonder what GW should do with its virtually unused President’s Club locker rooms. One idea: let the faculty use them, at least until big-buck outsiders able to […]

Staff editorial: Missing music

A musician without an instrument to play is not a musician. The recent thefts that took place in GW’s Department of Music left several student musicians without their instruments, and the University should do what it can to fix the situation and prevent it from happening again. The students who are calling for the University […]

Kudos to CATs

I want to applaud the reasonable steps GW’s Center for Academic Technologies is taking to control the voluminous amounts of waste expended at printer labs. A reasonable quota allowing users the ability to print – free of charge – legitimate materials is a long overdue step that is worthy of our support. The least important […]

Flawed argument

In his Jan. 24 column (“Tax cut benefits few, slows economy”) GW College Democrat President Jesse Demastrie makes a confusing reference to the collapse of Enron. He states, “If Republicans cannot correctly run a business, such as Enron, how can America trust them to run a country?” This is an argument I find offensive and […]

Ship error

Your Jan. 28 (“GW grad reports from front lines”) story regarding Megan Stack’s coverage on the war in Afghanistan contained a glaring error. I believe that the ship she traveled on was not the USS Carl Vincent, as reported, but rather the USS Carl Vinson. A quick visit to the U.S. Navy’s Web site would […]

Congressman Meehan lunches with students

One of the key sponsors of campaign finance reform said Tuesday the Enron scandal is helping his cause. At a University Club luncheon, Rep. Martin Meehan (D-Mass.) told about 100 students and faculty members that large campaign donations can give donors “undue influence” on government decisions, citing Enron as an example. “No member (of Congress) […]