January 2, 2002

Stories from the January 2, 2002 issue of the GW Hatchet.

COLUMN: Across the pond: This time we’re serious

Posted 4:27 p.m. Feb. 19 By Alex Kingsbury U-WIRE (DC BUREAU) (U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – If there were ever any doubts about the Bush administration’s resolve to end Saddam Hussein’s rule, the rhetoric from Washington this past week should have buried them all. President George W. Bush has made clear that the next phase of the […]

White House press secretary addresses Mideast conflict

Posted 5:24 p.m April 4 by Patrick W. Higgins U-WIRE (DC BUREAU) (U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer fielded questions ranging from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to freedom of the press during an hour-long appearance at The George Washington University this week. “My biggest criticism of the press is that they focus on […]

National Press Club panel discusses safety of war reporters

Posted 5:10 p.m. March 5 by Patrick W. Higgins U-WIRE (DC BUREAU) U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – The murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl and its effects on the future of war reporting was the topic of discussion for seven journalists Monday night at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. Pearl was confirmed murdered […]

Washington Post editor speaks at George Washington U.

Posted 4:48 p.m. Feb. 20 by Patrick W. Higgins U-WIRE (DC BUREAU) (U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – Journalism students were given a lesson in leading a newsroom in times of crisis by Washington Post Executive Editor Leonard Downie in a speech Tuesday night at the George Washington University. The speech focused on reporting tactics for events like, […]

COLUMN: Middle East from the eyes of a student

Posted 3:24 p.m. April 8 by Robbie Friedman U-WIRE (DC BUREAU) (U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – Stop the planet — I want to get off. Yes, it is true that the events that are taking place right now in the Middle East are extremely frustrating because the Israeli-Arab Conflict, as it has come to be known, is […]

Girls drink almost as much as boys, CASA says

Posted 9:04 p.m. March 5 by Robert Friedman U-WIRE (DC BUREAU) (U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – Binge drinking among high school students is on the rise, and teenage girls becoming more likely to drink alcohol than teenage boys, according to a study released last week. An analysis of national data conducted by the National Center on Addiction […]

National Student Labor Day of Action rises up against corporate greed

Posted 5:46 p.m. April 8 by Jamie Meltzer U-WIRE (DC BUREAU) (U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – Students, laborers, immigrant rights and community organizations gathered across the country last week for the third annual National Student Labor Day of Action to show their opposition to “corporate greed,” according to a statement released by a coalition of groups known […]

Enron execs knew of financial troubles, says letter

Posted 10:20 p.m. Jan. 16 By Patrick W. Higgins U-WIRE Washington Bureau (U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – Enron executives were aware of their company’s financial problems and of falsified accounting records three months before they filed for bankruptcy, according to a letter released this week by a congressional committee. Top Enron officials are also under investigation for […]

Amnesty International, others criticize U.S. human rights report

Posted 3:21 p.m. March 11 by Shaphan Marwah U-WIRE (DC BUREAU) (U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – China and Russia lead the world in human rights violations, according to the State Department’s Human Rights Report for 2001. The annual report was released last week, amid allegations of bias and favoritism toward U.S. allies. “The worldwide promotion of human […]