November 12, 2001

Volume 98, Issue 29

Stories from the November 12, 2001 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Staff Editorial: Bad blood

GW students flocked to Red Cross Headquarters not far from campus or other sites to donate blood following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. But now the Red Cross will destroy as many as one of every five of the donations they have received. This action seems ludicrous considering the near constant pleas the agency usually […]

Features: Fitting in and standing out

In high school the hallways were full of cliques – jocks on one side, theater people on the other. Whether labeled a nerd or a snob, many can relate to an identity associated with a certain group. At GW, many students say the groups have not left the forefront of the social world. Freshman Jason […]

Preview:Big freshmen find bigger pond

Collectively, they have won more than 25 MVP awards, won more than 10 All-Star recognition’s and have led teams to six county and state championships. Collectively, they are ranked the sixth-best recruiting class in the nation by some reports. But now they are freshmen playing in a whole new ballgame. GW’s recruit class must now […]

Hart Murmurs: Gagging dissent wrong reaction

Since Sept. 11, a debate has been raging over the limits of political criticism in a time of crisis. Bill Maher, host of television’s “Politically Incorrect,” commented Sept. 17 that President George W. Bush’s labeling of the terrorists as “cowards” was inaccurate because they were willing to die for their cause. He also said the […]

Fun 101

Scuba masks, foil and pottery wheels are not common school supplies sold at Staples or the GW Bookstore. But they are necessary tools for some of GW’s fun classes. Untraditional classes offer students an opportunity to quench their extra curricular interests or experiment with something out of the ordinary. Sophomore Nishant Mehra takes a one-credit […]

Preview: Zone defenses to counter size

Expect the Colonials to counter their lack of size with two trapping zone-style defenses aimed at creating turnovers and forcing opponents into bad shots. The Colonials have been working on their 22 and 23 defenses, forms that capitalize the team’s quick guards and forwards, because GW does have the depth to match up man-to-man. The […]

Humor is Nir: Parents cut costs in tight times

Times are tough, I know. Having a frat boy in the White House and anthrax floating around all has surprisingly had an adverse effect on the stock market. With the cost of upscale dining services with congenial and efficient staff, tuition is not getting any cheaper. I know my parents are feeling the pinch of […]

Arts: Daring drama takes America

When “The Island” first debuted in Cape Town, South Africa, in 1973, its honest but harsh portrayal of life in a political prison led the apartheid South African government to attempt to confiscate the play. But no script existed, because the two actors (John Kani and Winston Ntshona) and the director (Athol Fugard) had memorized […]

Preview: Early challenges for man who must do it all

Colonials 34, Universal All-Stars 27. Chris Monroe receives the ball just inside the 3-point line. He waits. He dribbles. An All-Stars defender takes position in case Monroe breaks. He doesn’t. Instead, he passes to an open Greg Collucci who hits a three-pointer. Colonials by 10. Next offensive possession. Starting from just beyond the arc, Monroe […]

GW volleyball suffers winless weekend

The Colonial volleyball team ended the season just as it started – winless – as the team lost both games in its last weekend of play. Plagued by hitting errors and lacking on offense, the team was swept on the road by Dayton 3-1 and Xavier 3-0 Friday and Saturday respectively. GW took only one […]