November 5, 2001

Volume 98, Issue 27

Stories from the November 5, 2001 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Inside Our Pages: Making news fun not easy task

We are not living in fun times. We look up to see a plane overhead and, if just for only a second, our hearts skip a beat. We view that unopened pile of mail on the corner of our desks just a little differently now. And we have a heightened sense of knowing who is […]

Experts expect increased enrollment

Experts said they expect graduate school applications to increase due to an economic recession after Sept. 11, but they said it is still too early to tell. “It’s too early to tell, but the tendency is to go to school because it’s harder to get jobs,” said Carol Sigelman, associate vice president for research and […]

After Sept. 11: Cope with terror and get on with life

How does one cope with terror? With each passing day, it seems we edge closer to unforeseen perils. Although there is little college students can do to directly impact the war on terrorism, we can aid our nation’s effort indirectly by taking back our lives from the fear al Qaeda attempts to instill in us. […]

Campus Briefs

Fire alarm causes New Hall flooding New Hall residents were awakened at about 5:45 a.m. Sunday to blaring fire alarms and blinking emergency lights. Students said two sprinklers activated on the sixth floor, flooded about six rooms, soaking five lower floors. Water and smoke damage, wet ceiling tiles and puddles were visible on the affected […]

Humor is Nir: HWC not for fatties

I am athletic. I do many things that can be considered attempts at physical fitness. I even have a whole workout regime: I walk (to class), I lift things (on a fork to my mouth) and I even stair climb (like on the horrific day when all six of Funger’s elevators were out of commission). […]

Letter to the Editor: Harassment hoax?

After spending all of last year in Paris, I sincerely doubt Americans in France are being “beat up and harassed” (“GW issues safety cautions to students abroad,” Nov. 1, p. 1). I have never met a French person whose anti-Americanism ran any deeper than a sort of intellectual and cultural smugness. On the other hand, […]

Cigar Circles

This summer junior Bryan Gless and his friends were on the roof of a GW residence hall. Their lawn chairs formed a semi-circle. There, smoking cigars late at night, they thought of the idea for the club they formed this fall – the Cigar Smoking Hibachi Grillers. “We were talking about how trivial some things […]

Letter to the Editor: Saddam’s bug?

I have virtually no doubt that Saddam Hussein supplied the anthrax sent through the U.S. mail with tremendous success to throw as much of possible as life in Washington into chaos. The single greatest error of military strategy of the 20th century in terms of consequences – American isolationism and refusal to help Europe in […]

‘Chorus Line’ gives singular sensation

In most musicals the chorus performers blend together to become a wallpaper of sorts behind the stars. In GW’s “A Chorus Line” the opposite occurs. The chorus members are the leads. Each member of the talented cast is strong and complex, adding a fresh dimension to the show. “A Chorus Line” provides a glimpse into […]

Sports: In win, men show variety of scoring weapons

Jaason Smith and freshman T.J. Thompson combined for 39 points to help Karl Hobbs win his first exhibition game, a 99-84 victory over the University All-Stars Saturday at the Smith Center. The Colonials scrambled to score six points in the final minutes after sloppy second-half defense allowed the All-Stars to cut a 17-point deficit to […]