November 1, 2001

Volume 98, Issue 25

Stories from the November 1, 2001 issue of the GW Hatchet.

As I See It: SA has money to spare, just ask for it

While the past Hatchet editorial “Sluggish SA” (Oct. 18, p. 4) brought an immediate response from the top of the SA ladder (I’ll get to that controversy in my next column), I am waiting to see what the SA’s response will be to the Oct. 25 Letter to the Editor “Rags for Rugby?” Given my […]

Quote of the Week

Anonymous message posted on on activities in the Corcoran Hall first floor bathroom: “This bathroom is hot! There is constant action there all the time, every day of the week.”

Sports: Out of left field: The World’s Series

Lindy’s was packed, I was pumped. I figured being at a bar with a bunch of obnoxious New Jerseyans was the next best thing to being at Yankee stadium. But when I sat down I noticed something was slightly off. People were staring at the TV’s, but there was no barroom baseball banter. No one […]

Golf ends fall in 16th-place at Seascape

Both Thomas Blankvoort and the GW golf team tied for 16th place at last weekend’s Old Dominion Seascape Collegiate in Kitty Hawk, N.C. The Colonials ended the team’s fall schedule with a small victory, beating Richmond for the first time since 1982. The University of North Carolina-Wilmington edged the University of Maryland for the tournament […]

Crew disappoints at Princeton Chase

Neither GW crew teams raced particularly well at last weekend’s Princeton Chase. The top men’s boat placed 16th in the men’s heavyweight four and its top women’s boat placed 22nd in the women’s open four. GW placed last in the men’s pair and near last in both the women’s open eight and the men’s heavyweight […]

Upcoming Games

Friday- Men’s soccer vs. Duquesne 2 p.m. Women’s soccer at Duquesne 3 p.m. Volleyball vs. Massachusetts 7 p.m. Men’s water polo at Southerns 7 p.m. Saturday- Men’s basketball vs. University All-Stars 1 p.m. Volleyball vs. Rhode Island 7 p.m. Rowing at Head of Occoquan All day Men’s water polo at Southerns 7 p.m. Sunday- Women’s […]

Finding pleasure in pain

No one wants their hobby to cause physical pain, but it is a sacrifice some people make when pursuing something they enjoy. No pain, no gain – that’s what they say, don’t they? Dancers often carry items such as ACE bandages, ice packs, icy-hot creams and pain relievers in addition to their dance shoes, ballet […]

Staff Editorial: Verifying visas

One of the terrorists who took part in the Sept. 11 attacks entered the United States on a student visa. But he never showed up for class. President George W. Bush announced Tuesday that his administration would begin a crackdown on visitors to the United States – whatever their purpose for being here – who […]

Around Campus

SA meets student group leaders More than 50 undergraduate student leaders attended the Student Leader Mixer in the Marvin Center Tuesday Night sponsored by the Student Association. Vice president of Student Activities Zach Beyer said he organized the event “to meet representatives of the student body, so that we the leaders can represent them better.” […]

Letter to the Editor: Snooze-paper?

After reading Monday’s edition of The Hatchet, I was struck that The Hatchet has become a terribly boring publication. I respect the character and journalistic acumen of The Hatchet staff. On the whole, the writing of Hatchet staff writers is excellent and generally covers relevant topics respectfully and informatively. Perhaps this is the problem. The […]