October 22, 2001

Volume 98, Issue 22

Stories from the October 22, 2001 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Getting your football fix

Are you ready for some football? Even if you are ready for America’s favorite fall sport, you aren’t getting any from GW. Since 1967, the GW football team has gone undefeated. A casual fan might think GW has the longest, most unbelievable winning streak in the history of college football. Yet, GW does not have […]

Few students apply for Brazil semester

With a deadline for applications approaching, GW has received no student interest in a new study abroad program in Brazil. GW created the program at the University of Brasilia last May in conjunction with the Center for Latin American Issues. Officials said it is based on the success of the GW Madrid center initiated in […]

Features: Tuned into “Sex and the City”

During HBO’s “Sex and the City” season, once loud and noisy residence hall rooms become hushed and quite. The only noise that can be heard comes from the television as GW students gather together to watch one of the most popular shows on TV today. Many GW students, both male and female, said they look […]

Anthrax anxiety

Americans’ daily routines were casualties of the Sept. 11 tragedies. Activities that were once done with little thought – from air travel to spending a night in the city – now require a keen awareness of our surroundings. With the latest anthrax scares, Americans and GW students now must also exercise caution even when we […]

Spotlight: From soda shop to science lab

Computers and empty desks have replaced the barstools and lively crowd once found inside the building on the corner of 21st and G Streets. A weather station monitor now faces out of the large window, once the front entrance to a shop where students stopped to buy ice cream cones between classes. The name Quigley’s […]

Inside Our Pages: Service failures leave indelible mark

“I don’t pay $30,000 to get treated like this” is certainly a phrase, or variation of one, that most of us on campus have heard. You can hear this if you hang around a J Street line or outside the financial aid office, but other GW departments and offices are not immune. This sentiment seems […]

Sports: Basketball teams adjust to closed-door policy

A closed-door policy for practices instituted by new men’s basketball coach Karl Hobbs has caused confusion in an already complicated first week of scheduling in the Smith Center. According to an athletic official who wished to remain anonymous, Hobbs asked several members of the women’s team, who were jogging around the upper-level track in the […]

Letter: Hateful Hippo?

I do not understand the hippopotamus cartoon (Oct. 15, p. 4). I think it is anti-Semitic, but I do not understand the point it makes. What bothers me is the justification Hatchet Editor in Chief Russ Rizzo printed for publishing the cartoon. I totally support First Amendment protections of speech and the press. I also […]

Coaches say freshmen are coming along

Both head basketball coaches said they are pleased with the progress of the freshmen basketball players after their first week of collegiate practices. Men’s head coach Karl Hobbs said he was particularly happy with the development of freshman guard T.J. Thompson, a 5-foot-10 point guard from Germantown, Md. “I like what T.J.’s doing,” he said. […]

Op-Ed: Trash cheap-laugh cartoons

by Matt Berger I promised myself that I would not be like other former editors of The Hatchet who left the townhouse and criticized the actions of their successors. I am a strong believer in the fact that what makes The Hatchet great is the turnover of staff, at least every four years and the […]