October 11, 2001

Volume 98, Issue 19

Stories from the October 11, 2001 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Justin Theroux aims for the right kind of success

Justin Theroux has sat on the sidelines long enough. A relatively new kid on the block, Theroux has quickly built a resume playing supporting roles in movies such as I Shot Andy Warhol and American Psycho. Tired of minor roles, Theroux has now hustled his way into the lead of Mulholland Drive, a new film […]

Kalb Report hosts Rather

CBS Evening News anchor and Managing Editor Dan Rather said America was “asleep” during the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks at a nationally-televised interview with veteran broadcaster Marvin Kalb Tuesday night. The GW-sponsored episode of “The Kalb Report” held at the National Press Club was packed with students, administrators and members of the press who raised […]

Audiences suffer slow death by cinema

Iron Monkey in theatres Friday With a mundane storyline and immature humor, Iron Monkey (Miramax) relies on sophisticated choreography to entertain but barely manages to capture audience approval. A shallow plot and depthless characters act as a backdrop for fight scenes. The film seems like only an excuse to show off imaginative choreography from Yuen […]

Blue lights ensure safety

Among students, it is no mystery that GW blue lights around campus are often out of order. They report seeing many of University Police’s 20 emergency phone stations disconnected and unusable at various times. On Monday, blue light phone number 14, located on G Street between 23rd and 24th streets, was covered with a plastic […]

Arts: Stop Kiss rejuvenates urban romance

For those of us tired of the average, mind-numbing love story, then the only viable option this weekend is the Department of Theatre and Dance’s new play, Stop Kiss, by Diana Son. The play focuses on a complex love story between two women who meet through coincidence, develop a friendship and ultimately fall in love. […]

BZA reinstates hurdle

In a decision lauded as a victory for residents and defeat for GW, the Board of Zoning Adjustment Tuesday re-instated provisions with added provisions that could hamper future construction projects. The BZA ruled in a unanimous 5-0 decision to reinstate, in large part, previous campus requirements that were temporarily suspended, including a requirement that GW […]

Locked out

During the weekend of the IMF-turned-anti-war protests, the GW guest policy was tightened to keep out visitors. Non-GW students were prohibited from entering all residence halls, and all GW students signed in for visits even in normally unmanned buildings. To tighten security at residence halls such as New Hall and Munson Hall, where GW has […]

Sports: Back in the game?

Junior Kacey Coyne, once a nationally-ranked gymnast, underwent surgery in July following a fall off a vault that fractured her already-damaged spine. Surgery had been in the back of Coyne’s mind long before the accident, which occurred at a meet during her sophomore season. Coyne suffers from a rare case of scoliosis in which her […]

FORUM: Educate to defeat terror

Almost a month ago, the World Trade Center was destroyed by vicious acts of terrorism. The world watched in horror as two planes deliberately crashed into the magnificent towers, leveling them and leaving behind rubble and anguish. Many Americans are now contemplating the fate of the site of the World Trade Center, once clean-up measures […]

Pre-Madness Run joins team and fans

The GW men’s basketball team took a run around the Reflecting Pool Wednesday afternoon, marking the end of preseason training. The first annual “Colonials Run” was three-mile race run by players, coaches and members of the community. Head Coach Karl Hobbs said it was indicative of the team’s upcoming game plan. “We’re going to be […]