October 8, 2001

Volume 98, Issue 18

Stories from the October 8, 2001 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Arts: Hatchet rocks with Megadeth member

Dripping entrails spray blood over a dilapidated corpse as a skeleton tears its way out of the body. Don’t be scared, baby – it’s just a heavy metal record. After 18 years living the life of thrash-metal decadence, Megadeth has come out on the other end, heavily scarred but somehow still alive and breathing. Does […]

Inside our pages: Editor explains elementary error

It’s the feeling you get when you’re talking about the principal behind her back and realize she’s standing right behind you. It happens when you’re meticulously detailing your dad’s car and realize the wax has dried in the sun and will never come off. Or when you step into a class to find a mid-term […]

Basketball team starts new tradition

The GW men’s basketball team is starting a new annual tradition to go along with its new faces. The team will run four laps around the Reflecting Pool on the National Mall Oct. 10 at noon. The first annual “Colonials Run” will mark the end of pre-season training before the team starts official practice at […]

Joy Ride makes trip into film noir

A character-driven thriller that combines the right proportions of taut angst and comic relief thanks to the direction of John Dahl, Joy Ride is a nicely acted serving of classic film noir. Writers Clay Tarver and J.J. Abrams fashion a clever variant on the vintage 1971 Steven Spielberg TV movie Duel, although steering clear of […]

GW walks for AIDS cure

About 300 GW students put on their walking shoes Saturday morning and braved drizzly conditions to participate in the 15th annual AIDS Walk Washington on the National Mall. The students comprised the largest team in the five-kilometer event, which drew 10,000 people. Together, the students alone raised more than $5,000 for the Whitman-Walker clinic. Senior […]

GW attempts to expand boundaries

<!– Related Stories: Schools face similar setbacks GW plans two new residence halls –> GW wants to expand its campus boundaries to include off-campus residence halls, re-igniting a longstanding debate with the surrounding community. The University discussed the inclusion of off-campus residence halls at hearings with the Board of Zoning Adjustment Sept. 17 and 21. […]

Staff Editorial: Nickel and Dime

GW’s Student Health Service now charges students $12 a visit to accommodate longer office hours and a new office at the Mount Vernon campus. While this fee is small in comparison to other healthcare costs, it is just one of many added in recent years to students’ bills. Continuously charging students separate fees for basic […]

Hospital prepares for bioterrorism

The GW Hospital is the only hospital in the D.C. area fully equipped to respond to a biological terrorist attack, with expert doctors, stockpiles of vaccines and antibiotics and a decontamination facility. The decontamination facility involves bringing victims through an external shower area and then into the emergency room, said Jack Harrald, director of the […]

GW plans two new residence halls

GW applied for permits in August for two new properties – a residence hall that will house 700 students and a row of townhouses planned to house 200 students, said Vice President of Student and Academic Support Services Robert Chernak. The residence hall across from the Health and Wellness Center on G Street between 23 […]

Student Health institutes new fee

Students used to free checkups at GW now pay $12 for visits to Student Health. The program started the fee this fall to cover the cost of supplies, additional services and extended hours, said Student Health Medical Director Isabel Goldenberg. Service has expanded in recent years to include a Mount Vernon facility, extended weekday hours […]