October 4, 2001

Volume 98, Issue 17

Stories from the October 4, 2001 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Opinions, Staff Editorial: Fix J Street

Employees who staff GW dining facilities have filed another round of grievances against their employer, food service contractor Aramark. The last such grievances came in December 1999 and concerned many of the same issues as the current controversy, namely problems in the pay system and complaints concerning managers treating employees unfairly. The mere presence of […]

Staff Editorial: Opening National

President George W. Bush announced Monday that flights will resume from Ronald Reagan National Airport Thursday. This news comes as a relief to thousands of misplaced airport and airline workers and area businesses deeply wounded by the three-week shutdown of the District’s closest airport. Travelers, too, are elated that flights will resume, even if only […]

Letter: Shift Policy?

I mourn with my countrymen at the most devastating tragedy to hit our country. However, I do not and will not let myself be blinded by the gross misjudgment that our people seem to make. America is not invincible and will never be so while we meddle in the affairs of the Middle East, where […]

Letter: Thank you, GW

On behalf of the American Red Cross family, I would like to extend my thanks to the staff, students and faculty of GW for answering the call to give blood following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on our country. The response you gave our Red Cross Headquarters blood drive was overwhelming. Through the unselfish acts […]

Features: A relaxing cup of joe

It’s Friday night and a long week of classes just ended. A stressful week, hundreds of pages need to be read and a professor just announced that a paper is due. Friends are rushing to go clubbing, but the only thing that sounds nice is a relaxing night. Students can listen to live music, drink […]

U-WIRE: One nation, with or without God

(U-WIRE) CHAMPAIGN, Ill. – In God most of us trust. It is said that 94 percent to 96 percent of Americans believe in a god. In such times as the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, that means as much as 96 percent of our nation likely will turn to religion seeking answers. There is no reason […]

Oxford U. official predicts tuition increase

Posted 11:30 p.m. Oct. 4 MANCHESTER, England – Oxford University students could see their tuition skyrocket if the university is to maintain its position as top-notch institution, a college bursar predicted last month. David Palfreyman, director of the Oxford’s Center for Higher Education Policy Studies and bursar of New College, said such changes would likely […]

Forum: U.S. should stand united

Before the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, much was made by politicians of the importance of bi-partisanship and consensus building. Let us pray they meant it, because now it is imperative that this attitude prevails. Now is the time for our elected officials to begin acting like statesmen, thinking of the interests of future generations […]

Forum: Dissent key in democracy

Jesse Demastrie While it is imperative during these hard times to stand behind our president by giving him the support he needs to lead us out of this wreckage and confusion, we must not lose sight of those rights we hold so dear. Our freedom of speech and freedom of expression must not end here. […]