September 20, 2001

Volume 98, Issue 13

Stories from the September 20, 2001 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Op-Ed: Respond with justice to violent attacks

With due respect to Bill Eldridge’s perspective that those who want peace are bringing dissension (“Wrong to protest retaliation for terror,” Sept. 17, p. 5), let me say peace is patriotic. All of us were devastated and terrorized by the events of Sept. 11. All of us mourn, and all of us are hurting. And […]

Quote of the Week

Former GW basketball player Attila Cosby answering a judge’s request in his sentencing hearing Tuesday for insight into why Cosby sexually assaulted an alleged prostitute in May 2000: “I was moving a little too fast, not realizing what I had to lose. I wasn’t using my head.”

Airport closing reduces options

Students flying out of the area for class cancellations later this month should be prepared to deal with changes resulting from the closure of Ronald Reagan National Airport and heightened security measures at airports nationwide. The Federal Aviation Administration has closed National Airport indefinitely because of its proximity to the Pentagon and other government buildings. […]

Technology withstands student growth

Information System Services and Resnet officials say the addition of 450 more freshmen than last year has not overburdened technology services at GW so far. Technology services have been preparing for increased enrollment, said Jeff Baxter, community coordinator for Information System Services. “We are always upgrading our systems because enrollment is always growing,” he said. […]

Above and beyond ROTC

Once a week they give up their typical college uniforms consisting of jeans and sweaters to wear a different uniform. They wake up before sunrise as many GW students are just getting into bed. They work vigorously to maintain their grade point averages to fulfill the expectation of scholarship and continue to be involved GW […]

Ruling stuns Cosby family, supporters

A middle-aged woman sits silently on a bench outside a courtroom eating sunflower seeds. It has been almost a year and four months since a night on a street corner pulling tricks for crack turned terribly wrong. More than a year has passed since the woman went back to former GW basketball player Attila Cosby’s […]

Long-time GW neighbor dies at 78

Olga Corey never got to fulfill an invitation to students to stay at her place when GW closed residence halls for International Monetary Fund and World Bank protests. She also didn’t live to see the University reverse its decision and the reason why – Tuesday’s terrorist attacks on American landmarks that canceled the international financial […]

Forum: IFC rules too constrictive

As a third-year member and president of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, I have seen first hand the benefits of being an off-campus fraternity. Although my brothers and I miss out on activities such as Greek Week and other Interfraternity Council events, the benefits of being off campus are far greater. As an off-campus fraternity, we are […]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Local vendors battle for the right to sell pasta

Two vendors stationed outside the Marvin Center are locked in a dispute over the right to sell pasta, competing for the business of GW customers. Vendor John Reidder said he offered a man who calls himself “Mr. Negra” the opportunity to sell pasta during the summer months while he was working at another location. Reidder […]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: `Crossfire,’ GW host McCain

Daily Update Posted 4 a.m. Sept. 20 Students grilled Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) with questions about terrorism and American military action in a live broadcast of CNN’s “Crossfire” Wednesday night, hours after the Associated Press reported the president’s decision to send U.S. military planes to the Middle East. Audience members asked McCain about the possibility […]