September 20, 2001

Volume 98, Issue 13

Stories from the September 20, 2001 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Letter to the Editor: Stop racist reaction

My country has been attacked. My freedom has been compromised. I fear what the next day brings. But never before have I been so proud to be an American. My generation has no concept of what war really is. Here we are faced with one of the greatest tragedies America has ever known. I feel […]

Letter to the Editor: Responding to terror

There have been few events in world history that compare to the tragedy that befell our nation Sept. 11. But beyond the tangible losses of buildings and people, our generation lost an innocence we have carried throughout our lives. Some of our earliest memories are of the end of the Cold War, thought by most […]

News Brief: Colleges organize to protest war

Students at Wesleyan University in Connecticut are organizing a nationwide effort to promote a peaceful response to last week’s terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. One hundred five colleges and universities plan coordinate their own demonstrations at the same time Sept. 20. This effort, called Peaceful Justice, is a protest of expected […]

Forum: Rogue chapters corrupt

I should explain what it means to be a social fraternity. Never giving up individual principles, young men form a bond based on a commitment to an additional set of values. The purpose is to prepare them for life within a changing world among persons of diverse roots experiencing compromise and understanding. These values separate […]

Letter to the Editor: Democratic dissent

I simply cannot believe Bill Eldridge wrote that those who disagree with our government’s response – whatever it may be – to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks should not express their opinions (“Wrong to protest retaliation for terror,” Sept. 17, p. 5). He even went so far as to question whether such dissenters could call […]

Around Campus (news briefs)

Sigma Epsilon Alpha member faces possible expulsion Sigma Alpha Epsilon member Charles Smith could face expulsion from school for allegedly assaulting a University Police officer last week, according to University officials. Smith was arrested Friday morning for allegedly elbowing a UPD officer in the chest when she asked for identification from him and the woman […]

Op-Ed: Respond with justice to violent attacks

With due respect to Bill Eldridge’s perspective that those who want peace are bringing dissension (“Wrong to protest retaliation for terror,” Sept. 17, p. 5), let me say peace is patriotic. All of us were devastated and terrorized by the events of Sept. 11. All of us mourn, and all of us are hurting. And […]

Quote of the Week

Former GW basketball player Attila Cosby answering a judge’s request in his sentencing hearing Tuesday for insight into why Cosby sexually assaulted an alleged prostitute in May 2000: “I was moving a little too fast, not realizing what I had to lose. I wasn’t using my head.”

Airport closing reduces options

Students flying out of the area for class cancellations later this month should be prepared to deal with changes resulting from the closure of Ronald Reagan National Airport and heightened security measures at airports nationwide. The Federal Aviation Administration has closed National Airport indefinitely because of its proximity to the Pentagon and other government buildings. […]

Technology withstands student growth

Information System Services and Resnet officials say the addition of 450 more freshmen than last year has not overburdened technology services at GW so far. Technology services have been preparing for increased enrollment, said Jeff Baxter, community coordinator for Information System Services. “We are always upgrading our systems because enrollment is always growing,” he said. […]