September 17, 2001

Volume 98, Issue 12

Stories from the September 17, 2001 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Op-Ed: Wrong to protest realiation for terror

Tuesday, everyone in America and around the world witnessed a horrific event that will surely change the course of American history. It was an event that took more American lives in one day than the attack on Pearl Harbor, and possibly any other battle America has fought since the Civil War. The cowards that perpetrated […]

Who needs sleep?

Sleep. It’s an insatiable indulgence disguised as a necessity for life. The word conjures images of a blissful escape from the demands of school and life. Most college students manipulate their schedules in order to get more sleep in a school day. But for students who take 8 a.m. classes, sleeping late is a luxury […]

Students, experts advise nation on terrorism

Students and defense experts are split over what actions the United States should take in response to Tuesday’s terrorist attacks on New York’s World Trade Center and the Pentagon. With up to 5,000 people missing from the leveling of the twin towers and up to 300 people dead from the attack on the Pentagon, U.S. […]

News briefs

Class awards student essays and posters Three days after the United States encountered the most severe acts of terrorism in its history, two students were honored in a celebration of tolerance and peace. Thomas Hundley, Jr. and Sheldon MacDonald were awarded certificates and honored in a luncheon Friday for their posters and essays commemorating the […]

GW hosts ‘Crossfire’ for third time

CNN’s “Crossfire” will broadcast live from the Jack Morton Auditorium in the Media and Public Affairs building Sept. 17-21, but the format of the traditionally biting political debate show will be transformed into a town-hall meeting to discuss Tuesday’s tragic events. “Crossfire” Executive Producer Chris Guarino said the shows will begin at 7 p.m. instead […]

SPOTLIGHT: Tuning in to WRGW

From the depths of the Marvin Center GW student voices discussing music, sports, politics, news and more are transmitted all over the world. WRGW, GW’s student-run radio station provides a variety of programming to students on campus and beyond. Unlike most radio stations, WRGW broadcasts solely on the internet, allowing anyone anywhere to tune into […]

Arts: Recess’ unorthodox humor lightens crowd

Cross-dressing sex fiends, touching man-rabbit romances and depraved improvisational antics – who could ask for anything more in a comedy show? Well, maybe a proponent of good taste, but no one ever said Recess shows are for the weak of heart. Poor taste is their standard, and their application is remarkable. Despite widespread closings this […]

Students address intolerance

Freshman Yasmine Rouai sat on the gray carpeted floor in the Academic Center with her back against the cold, white wall. She played with her dark hair as she spoke somberly about the events of the past few days. “People walk around saying they are against terrorism, but they go around terrorizing others (of different […]

Week’s releases disappoint

Bad Ronald Bad Ronald Reprise Records 1.5 hatchets Bad Ronald lives up to its name. The band is bad, and not in the Michael Jackson sense. Attempting to fuse rap with rock beats, Bad Ronald looks to get “dat ass” on “da floor” with a party-oriented style of rap that is anything but original. The […]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Students, faculty clash at forum

A forum with GW experts on public policy and globalization turned into a clash of opinions Wednesday afternoon, as students fired questions at faculty members about issues surrounding the IMF and World Bank. The forum, hosted by the Institute of Public Policy and the Center for the Study of Globalization, drew about 100 students to […]