September 17, 2001

Volume 98, Issue 12

Stories from the September 17, 2001 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Letter to the Editor: Hatred hurts

The color of my skin is brown. I take pride in my heritage, culture and ethnic background. Lately however, I have been hearing many say, “Go home,” and, “Get out of our country.” Everyone knows the vile terrorist attacks were senseless and disgusting. All Americans are angry that these events occurred, but we must be […]

Commentary: Watching the violence from abroad

By Alex Kingsbury U-Wire Washington Bureau Posted 5:30 p.m. Sept. 17 MANCHESTER, ENGLAND – When I heard the news, I ran to the nearest television in the Student Union’s bar. In a special report, the BBC played the now familiar video of the airliners as they plunged through the towers of the World Trade Center, […]

Letter to the Editor: Loony logic

President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg committed a grave error by choosing to open the University the day following the terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center. By Wednesday morning, the skies above GW were probably safe, but if whatever sick mind is behind these tragedies really wants to get a point across, he might […]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: GW re-opens residence halls

Posted 12:35 p.m. Sept. 18- GW announced it will keep residence halls open Sept. 27 through Oct. 2 after the IMF and World Bank officially postponed their meetings and Metropolitan Police lowered their expectations for demonstrations that weekend. Students may stay in their rooms, the University announced Monday night, during the five days GW originally […]

Letter to the Editor: Protests worthwhile

In response to Josh Greenbaum’s article “Protests Lack Focus” (Sept. 6, p. 5), I would like to defend the activists on campus working toward social change. He assumed that because student activists attend seminars and teach-ins on how to be an effective protester, that they were not “staunch” in their beliefs. These teach-ins and special […]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Cosby sentenced to 900 days

Posted 12:35 p.m. Sept. 18- Former GW basketball player Attila Cosby was sentenced to 900 days in jail Tuesday for sexually assaulting an alleged prostitute last year. Cosby will serve two years and four months in jail after already serving two months while he awaited his sentencing this summer. D.C. Superior Court judge Neal E. […]

Letter to the Editor: View from the Hill

I passed out late Tuesday afternoon only to awake covered in sweat, hoping I was dreaming, praying I was right. I was dead wrong. The twin towers of The World Trade Center ceased to exist. They were no longer in that familiar New York City skyline. The Pentagon was hit hard, and a plane crashed […]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: ‘Crossfire’ begins GW broadcast

Posted 6 p.m. Sept. 18-CNN’s “Crossfire” began a week of live broadcasts from GW Monday with debate on U.S. military preparedness and hate crimes against Muslims and Arab-Americans after last Tuesday’s terrorist attacks that left New York City’s World Trade Center in rubble and the Pentagon crippled. Bill Press, co-hosting “Crossfire” with Tucker Carlson, set […]

Letter to the Editor: Classes slap in face

After one of the most defining moments in our lives, GW students returned to classes as scheduled Wednesday morning. In one sense, this may be the University’s way of promoting patriotic and academic perseverance, but I perceive maintaining classes throughout Wednesday as a slap in the face to all students. Are we to assume that […]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Judge denies pleas from Cosby attorney

Posted 7:30 p.m. Sept. 18 A D.C. superior court judge sentenced former GW basketball player Attila Cosby to more than two years in jail Tuesday, saying the violent nature of his crime overshadows any testimony to Cosby’s good character or potential. “The viscous, nasty, violent and really unexplained nature of the crime requires significant punishment,” […]