September 13, 2001

Volume 98, Issue 11

Stories from the September 13, 2001 issue of the GW Hatchet.

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Classes remain cancelled

Posted 11:45 p.m. Sept. 13- GW students should continue with their plans for the weekend of cancelled classes later this month even if the IMF and World Bank cancel scheduled meetings, the University announced today. Classes will remain cancelled from 4 p.m. Sept. 27 to 4 p.m. Oct. 2 even if the International Monetary Fund […]

News Brief: Tragedies compared to Pearl Harbor

Many have compared Tuesday’s attacks to another devastating tragedy: Pearl Harbor. Some say the campus’s response to the recent attacks is similar to the response after the 1941 Japanese attack. The headline of the Dec. 9, 1941 Hatchet printed two days after the attack reads, “Students Voice Approval of War Effort, Speed School Plans at […]

The Perfect Plan

It’s the night before the big paper is due. All that can be heard is the incessant ticking of the clock. Tick, tick, tick. The cursor blinks wildly on a predominantly white screen, with only a name, date and course number typed up in the upper right corner. Maybe starting the 10-page term paper at […]

DCD: Killer sweets, sour music

Saturday, Sept. 8 The Quad 12:30 p.m. I was abruptly awoken late Saturday morning by the subdued sound of the doorbell. Since it was my neighbor who was loyally abiding by his promise to accompany me to Fall Fest that day, I decided to actually get out of bed and get dressed. I also dragged […]

Comic fusion of sci-fi romance

When you think of romantic comedies, you don’t usually think of sci-fi movies. But with Happy Accidents (IFC Films), writer and director Brad Anderson merges the two genres. The result is an eccentric but thoughtfully engaging and entertaining movie. Marisa Tomei plays Ruby Weaver, a co-dependent telephone directory operator who seems to attract an endless […]

Staff Editorial: Delay meeting, protests

We cannot allow terrorism to alter our regular lives. We cannot cower and cannot be afraid to go about our normal routines – to go to class, fly home on breaks or continue to experience all D.C. has to offer. But we must act prudently when challenged by violence. The nation’s attention and emergency resources […]

Arena stage retells Agamemnon and his Daughters

A low rumble of thunder escapes from the depths of the Arena Stage and mixes with an ominous blue light that captures the audience during the opening scene of Kenneth Cavander’s “Agamemnon and His Daughters.” The light refuses to relinquish the audience’s attention until the final scene of the nearly three hour production. Performed in […]

Op-Ed: Police pose danger, not protesters

It is important to focus on the issues surrounding World Bank and International Monetary Fund policies as the demonstrations against the organizations draw near. But the recent decision by the University to shut down for five days during the planned demonstrations and Monday’s Hatchet staff editorial (“Closing campus”) citing “protester violence” as a reason to […]

Vignettes form dark, fluid story

What can be said about a play that rarely feels like a play? “Race of the Ark Tattoo” is an incredible cross between a garage sale and an interactive performance art piece. It blurs many lines with only one “character,” a narrative so incredibly loose that it could more safely be called a collection of […]