September 6, 2001

Volume 98, Issue 9

Stories from the September 6, 2001 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Speaking the lingo

Foreign tongues at GW are about as common as Greek-letter paraphernalia at large state schools. The foreign accents and words buzzing around campus represent students living an American life while holding onto their own cultures, which are preserved in part through using their native language. Junior Maya Dhanani said she is one of many students […]

Staff Editorial: Selling short

At the stroke of 10 p.m., vendors of wine, beer and spirits in the District will stop selling alcohol. Why the change? City officials say they altered the law to eliminate a confusing system of multiple class licenses to make the new regulations easier to enforce. But what this change means is that stores selling […]

Women’s soccer breaks tradition with opening day victory

The new Mount Vernon field brought a bit of good luck for the GW women’s soccer team Tuesday, as it won its home opener for the first time since head coach Tanya Vogel arrived as a student in 1992. The back-and-forth battle with Howard (2-1) resulted in a 4-3 win for the Colonials. Sophomore Meggan […]

Column: AIDS origin offers lesson for future

A lingering sore throat brought him into the hospital. That raw, burning feeling would not go away. It was April 1983 and Dirk Diefenbach found out he was infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Diefenbach died at 5:18 a.m., Sunday, June 26, 1983 – just two months after he learned of the infection. […]

A Cinderella story of arena rock

Rock Star, starring Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Aniston, has everything you would expect from a film about an ’80s heavy metal band: hair spray, leather pants, big hair, mascara and overall extravagance. Who could ask for anything more? The answer is anyone, because Rock Star‘s real story – only touched upon in the movie – […]

Forum: Protesters fight for poor

At the end of September, the International Monetary Fund and World Bank will host their annual fall conferences just a few blocks from GW’s campus. These organizations have the power to influence the economic decisions made by countries throughout the world. The World Bank finances development projects in developing countries, while the IMF attacks financial […]

Eastern fighting style revamps The Musketeer

Eastern and Western fighting styles collide in the new acrobatic version of the Alexandre Dumas’ story, “The Three Musketeers.” The result is comparable to watching Jackie Chan with a sword and a French accent. The Musketeer (Universal Pictures) takes the traditional tale and adds a twist of fancy footwork. Gymnastic battles add just enough spice […]

Forum: Protest lacks focus

There must be something in the late September air that brings out thousands of 20-year-old politically savvy students clad in their favorite anti-capitalist T-shirts and following a 30-foot paper-mache replica of a greedy politician down Washington streets. But many wonder why these thousands of people crowd up the streets to the point where GW cancels […]