August 27, 2001

Volume 98, Issue 6

Stories from the August 27, 2001 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Freshmen settle into GW

Minivans and SUVs flooded a closed F Street Thursday, as GW’s largest class in history prepared to make the University their home. The move-in rush was not limited to traditionally freshman residence halls such as the Hall on Virginia Avenue, Thurston, Mitchell and Lafayette halls. Clothes, boxes, TVs and stereos also littered the sidewalk outside […]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Adema shows off hard rock talent

Hardcore, hard rock, and rapcore are the intermingling styles that have surfaced at the forefront of popular music throughout the past few years. Every few minutes another hard rock band is born, has its run and disappears only to be replaced by yet another band that sounds remarkably like Korn did four years ago. Adema […]

GW student murdered, killer confesses to crime

GW sophomore Jonathan Rizzo was found dead after disappearing for two days last month near his hometown of Kingston, Mass. Police arrested Gary Sampson, a 41 year-old resident of Abington, Mass., for Rizzo’s and two other unrelated murders July 31. Sampson reportedly turned himself in to authorities in Plymouth, Vt., after a failed house burglary. […]

Column: The bulls and boys of summer

While studying abroad at Oxford University this summer I took an early August vacation to Madrid and visited the Plaza de Torros to see a bullfight. While the boys of summer rule the fields back home, bullfighting season is Madrid’s summer pastime. Bullfighting and baseball – could they be any different? Maybe they are more […]

Ray Charles slated for Family Weekend

Musician Ray Charles will headline this year’s Family Weekend at a performance Oct. 13 in the Smith Center. An international star, Charles is hailed for his musical talent ranging from jazz to rhythm and blues to country and western. Despite his complete loss of sight at age 7, Charles grew up to become a renowned […]

GW comes alive during first week

A popular half-baked comedian and sex doctor will help GW kick off a new year during Welcome Week through Sept. 3. Comedian Dave Chappelle, known for his stand-up routines and roles in movies such as “Half Baked,” will perform Sept. 1 in the Smith Center. Dr. Drew, host of MTV’s “Loveline,” will speak to students […]

Interns enjoy summer in D.C.

(U-WIRE) SALT LAKE CITY – University of Utah student Mike Maggio, who graduated in communication, skipped flipping burgers this summer and took an internship in Washington, D.C. An intern at Walt Disney World last summer, Maggio traded his apron and toque for a business suit and switched from long hours in a kitchen to days […]