August 27, 2001

Volume 98, Issue 6

Stories from the August 27, 2001 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Ray Charles slated for Family Weekend

Musician Ray Charles will headline this year’s Family Weekend at a performance Oct. 13 in the Smith Center. An international star, Charles is hailed for his musical talent ranging from jazz to rhythm and blues to country and western. Despite his complete loss of sight at age 7, Charles grew up to become a renowned […]

GW comes alive during first week

A popular half-baked comedian and sex doctor will help GW kick off a new year during Welcome Week through Sept. 3. Comedian Dave Chappelle, known for his stand-up routines and roles in movies such as “Half Baked,” will perform Sept. 1 in the Smith Center. Dr. Drew, host of MTV’s “Loveline,” will speak to students […]

Interns enjoy summer in D.C.

(U-WIRE) SALT LAKE CITY – University of Utah student Mike Maggio, who graduated in communication, skipped flipping burgers this summer and took an internship in Washington, D.C. An intern at Walt Disney World last summer, Maggio traded his apron and toque for a business suit and switched from long hours in a kitchen to days […]

Summer 2001 Recap

GW leases hotel, finds more beds for growing student body GW agreed to lease rooms in the former St. James Suites hotel, Pennsylvania House and convert double rooms in the Hall on Virginia Avenue to triples, to make way for a larger than expected incoming freshman class. The University added 779 spaces after 350 more […]

Americans arrested overseas

(U-WIRE) STATESBORO, Ga. – According to the United States Bureau of Consular affairs, 2,500 Americans are arrested overseas each year. Also, according to the study, more and more women are being arrested for acting as drug couriers, or “mules.” With more and more students taking part in study abroad programs, the possibility for finding trouble […]

Students study business in Paris

Nineteen students and three School of Business and Public Management faculty members will travel to Paris this fall to initiate a new GW study abroad program. The new GW Paris Study center allows juniors to take 15 credits of required, pre-selected courses at a university in Paris. Three of the courses will be taught by […]

University leaders welcome freshmen

GW officials encouraged about 2,000 freshmen to explore academically and grow personally during Freshman Convocation Sunday. University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg offered the final words at the event telling students to explore the University and city and to realize the opportunity they have to fulfill their dreams. “Don’t blow this chance. Have a lot of […]

Staff Editorial: `Cell’-ing out

By approving federal funding for stem cell research only on an estimated 60 existing cell lines, President George W. Bush may prevent expeditious research that could lead to a wide variety of medical breakthroughs. Congress should act to undo the restrictions Bush has placed on researchers and correct a decision based upon politics rather than […]

Student drafts bill

Sophomore Sam Kelner will realize his dream of encouraging young people to participate in government if Congress passes a bill intended to strengthen the youth voice on Capitol Hill. The Samuel Kelner Commission on Youth Authorization would allow eight students 18 years old and younger to advise Congress on issues affecting today’s youth. The proposal […]

Letter: Excessive Fee?

As I opened my mail this summer after I returned from London, I realized that many changes had occurred while I was away. The School for Media and Public Affairs had recently opened and the Health and Wellness Center was well on its way toward completion. However, when I received the tuition bill for the […]