August 27, 2001

Volume 98, Issue 6

Stories from the August 27, 2001 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Students study business in Paris

Nineteen students and three School of Business and Public Management faculty members will travel to Paris this fall to initiate a new GW study abroad program. The new GW Paris Study center allows juniors to take 15 credits of required, pre-selected courses at a university in Paris. Three of the courses will be taught by […]

University leaders welcome freshmen

GW officials encouraged about 2,000 freshmen to explore academically and grow personally during Freshman Convocation Sunday. University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg offered the final words at the event telling students to explore the University and city and to realize the opportunity they have to fulfill their dreams. “Don’t blow this chance. Have a lot of […]

Staff Editorial: `Cell’-ing out

By approving federal funding for stem cell research only on an estimated 60 existing cell lines, President George W. Bush may prevent expeditious research that could lead to a wide variety of medical breakthroughs. Congress should act to undo the restrictions Bush has placed on researchers and correct a decision based upon politics rather than […]

Student drafts bill

Sophomore Sam Kelner will realize his dream of encouraging young people to participate in government if Congress passes a bill intended to strengthen the youth voice on Capitol Hill. The Samuel Kelner Commission on Youth Authorization would allow eight students 18 years old and younger to advise Congress on issues affecting today’s youth. The proposal […]

Letter: Excessive Fee?

As I opened my mail this summer after I returned from London, I realized that many changes had occurred while I was away. The School for Media and Public Affairs had recently opened and the Health and Wellness Center was well on its way toward completion. However, when I received the tuition bill for the […]

Staff Editorial: Worth the Wait

The long-awaited Health and Wellness Center finally opened August 13 after months of delays spawned by problems with everything from permits to construction workers. Now, though, GW administrators should be applauded for providing students with a first-rate athletic facility to combat the dreaded “freshman 15” and the often unhealthy habits of college life. The new […]

Jay and Silent Bob make their final strike

Acclaimed writer-director Kevin Smith returns to the silver screen with Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (Dimension Flims), a hilarious comedy that serves as the final chapter in the saga of his famous trash-talking slackers from New Jersey. Smith broke into the film industry with his independent feature debut Clerks, the now famous tale of […]

Covering a Campus Tragedy

GW lost one of its own in terrifying fashion last month. Sophomore Jonathan Rizzo was attacked and stripped of his life after stopping by the side of the road to help a man who turned out to be a carjacker on a killing spree. Faced with the loss of a member of our community, the […]

Praise for Bubble Boy

Probably the greatest hurdle Bubble Boy faces is convincing the general public that it is not as bad as its own promotional trailers make it out to be. Instead of the goofy slapstick and crude toilet humor one would expect from a movie aimed at the mallrat audience, Bubble Boy (Touchstone Picture) delivers cruelly sharp […]

Death for killer a just punishment

I am writing in response to The Hatchet’s editorial “Balancing Justice,” which argues against the death penalty in the case of Gary L. Sampson. You wrote that “State officials handing over criminals who commit state crimes to their federal counterparts are blurring an important distinction between state and federal power,” but what has occurred in […]