June 11, 2001

Volume 98, Issue 3

Stories from the June 11, 2001 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Letter: Intolerance at the top

Once again, I am shocked at the insensitivity GW President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg has displayed toward a group within the University community. I read in the May 20 issue of The Denver Post Trachtenberg’s comment that he believes the job of a university president is not one for “sissies.” This statement is offensive on so […]

Staff Editorial: Staying safe

At 1:00 a.m. June 1, two women, one a GW student, were walking back to campus from Georgetown when they were confronted by an armed assailant along 24th Street near New Hall. Brandishing a pistol, the man demanded the girls’ purses. One of the girls, who was not a GW student, handed over her purse. […]

Tour reveals hidden world of Foggy Bottom

Visitors and residents of Foggy Bottom saw the sites of GW’s surrounding community for the first time, or at least in a new light, June 2. A walking tour of the historic neighborhood was part of D.C. Heritage Neighborhood Day, a celebration of D.C.’s history and culture at 70 sites around the city. Carolyn Crouch, […]

U-WIRE Editorial: Denying aid because of drugs unfair

(U-WIRE) HONOLULU – A provision to the 1998 Higher Education Act that declares students convicted of a drug-related misdemeanor or felony offense conditionally ineligible for financial aid may be short-circuiting its own purpose. One can only assume that the purpose of the provision was to a) prevent abuse of federal funds and b) provide yet […]

Meet the neighbors of Foggy Bottom

ON THE CAMPUS PLAN: Michael Thomas, Foggy Bottom Association president “I think there are a number of ways we could have reached a resolution that would have been acceptable, but all of them would have to address what (the campus plan) order addresses – a structural issue, which is enrollment. When we couldn’t reach agreement […]

Letter: Unrest in Israel

With a simple a click of a mouse, headline news flashes on the computer screen. But what is so drastic about these simple movements are the alarming headlines that reach us everyday. As a routine and somewhat obsessive action, I check CNN’s Web site about every three hours to see if anything has happened in […]

MVC offers respite from city

For GW students living at the Mount Vernon Campus, affectionately dubbed “the Vern” by its residents, the urban life of Foggy Bottom may seem a world away. But many MVC residents said they have found many opportunities to work and play on both campuses. The 2001-02 school year will be MVC’s first year as a […]

Gelman offers unique research

Many students look affectionately at the Melvin Gelman Library as a favorite study spot or simply browse the nearly 2 million books while hurriedly writing papers. But beyond the comfortable chairs of the sixth-floor stacks, the library has some unique research opportunities to offer students, faculty and staff. The library houses two collections of original […]

Fenix TX shakes up capital

D.C. has seen the coming of several outrageous Texans this year. But move over George W., Fenix TX is looking to stage a national takeover – and they made a big start in the nation’s capital. The boys in Fenix TX have lived the rock star fantasy. They’ve played stadiums, had their video on MTV […]

GW fights campus plan restrictions

GW showed how much it likes its personal space in April by filing a lawsuit against the city for imposing restrictions on its enrollment figures and use of property. Now, the University waits to see if a D.C. court will allow it to keep its admitted students after GW broke a government mandate to freeze […]