June 11, 2001

Volume 98, Issue 3

Stories from the June 11, 2001 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Student Health offers meningitis vaccine

GW students may have a slimmer chance than most college students of contracting a disease that claims college students, particularly frehmen, in its high-risk category, Student Health Director Isabel Goldenberg said. Students can protect themselves against meningococcal disease, caused by bacterial or viral meningitis, by receiving vaccinations available through Student Health or a private physician. […]

Staff Editorial: Admitting too much

GW has again admitted a record number of students to the freshman class. While the unexpected swell of students committed to attend GW is not completely the fault of the Admissions Office, administrators are partially responsible for introducing more bodies into a hopelessly overcrowded environment. GW owes new students and current ones clear explanations and […]

Letter: Intolerance at the top

Once again, I am shocked at the insensitivity GW President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg has displayed toward a group within the University community. I read in the May 20 issue of The Denver Post Trachtenberg’s comment that he believes the job of a university president is not one for “sissies.” This statement is offensive on so […]

Staff Editorial: Staying safe

At 1:00 a.m. June 1, two women, one a GW student, were walking back to campus from Georgetown when they were confronted by an armed assailant along 24th Street near New Hall. Brandishing a pistol, the man demanded the girls’ purses. One of the girls, who was not a GW student, handed over her purse. […]

Tour reveals hidden world of Foggy Bottom

Visitors and residents of Foggy Bottom saw the sites of GW’s surrounding community for the first time, or at least in a new light, June 2. A walking tour of the historic neighborhood was part of D.C. Heritage Neighborhood Day, a celebration of D.C.’s history and culture at 70 sites around the city. Carolyn Crouch, […]

U-WIRE Editorial: Denying aid because of drugs unfair

(U-WIRE) HONOLULU – A provision to the 1998 Higher Education Act that declares students convicted of a drug-related misdemeanor or felony offense conditionally ineligible for financial aid may be short-circuiting its own purpose. One can only assume that the purpose of the provision was to a) prevent abuse of federal funds and b) provide yet […]

Meet the neighbors of Foggy Bottom

ON THE CAMPUS PLAN: Michael Thomas, Foggy Bottom Association president “I think there are a number of ways we could have reached a resolution that would have been acceptable, but all of them would have to address what (the campus plan) order addresses – a structural issue, which is enrollment. When we couldn’t reach agreement […]

Letter: Unrest in Israel

With a simple a click of a mouse, headline news flashes on the computer screen. But what is so drastic about these simple movements are the alarming headlines that reach us everyday. As a routine and somewhat obsessive action, I check CNN’s Web site about every three hours to see if anything has happened in […]

MVC offers respite from city

For GW students living at the Mount Vernon Campus, affectionately dubbed “the Vern” by its residents, the urban life of Foggy Bottom may seem a world away. But many MVC residents said they have found many opportunities to work and play on both campuses. The 2001-02 school year will be MVC’s first year as a […]

Gelman offers unique research

Many students look affectionately at the Melvin Gelman Library as a favorite study spot or simply browse the nearly 2 million books while hurriedly writing papers. But beyond the comfortable chairs of the sixth-floor stacks, the library has some unique research opportunities to offer students, faculty and staff. The library houses two collections of original […]