May 3, 2001

Volume 97, Issue 64

Stories from the May 3, 2001 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Grabbing grub at Gelman

Distinct smells of New York City streets include roasted chestnuts, hot dogs and pretzels. Those smells are wafting their way down the coast and onto D.C. sidewalks. Street vendors are on almost every corner, with several situated on the heart of GW’s campus. Whether running between classes or taking a study break, GW students are […]

News Brief: Driver attempts to lure another victim

For the fourth time since February, a man in a car attempted to expose himself to a woman near GW’s campus April 16, said Dolores Stafford, director of University Police. The woman who reported the incident recognized the man from a similar incident when? in which the man asked her for directions while he masturbated […]

Forum: At 100 days, success for president

Since taking office, President George W. Bush has focused on his compassionate conservative agenda of improving schools, cutting taxes, empowering faith- and community-based organizations, laying the foundation for Medicare and Social Security reform and rebuilding our military. In his first 100 days Bush has proven he is a strong leader who is doing what he […]

News Brief: GW announces GW Awards

Seniors Cathy Resler and Jeff Marootian and graduating medical school student Susan Fisher-Owens will receive the GW Award at Commencement May 20. The award is given to faculty, staff and graduating students whose accomplishments have had a broad, significant impact on the community. Fisher-Owens, who will graduate in May from GW’s School of Medicine and […]

Forum: Bush’s cuts hurt American interests

While Republicans are celebrating the 100-days landmark, the country’s women, environment, workers, children, homosexuals, teachers, minorities and senior citizens are suffering at the hands of President George W. Bush’s disastrous policies so far. Bush’s budget cuts funding for nearly all major programs to allow room for his tax cut plan and a planned repeal of […]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: EMDA students hope seek recognition

Students in the Electronic Media program, who said their program is overshadowed by other majors in the School of Media and Public Affairs, voiced their concerns at meeting of a new student group in the Marvin Center Monday. The group, called the George Washington Network of Media Students, (GNOMES), aims to form an alumni network […]

Student Advantage’s big deal

The days of watching mom and dad sit over the Sunday paper and clip coupons seem to be over. With technology thriving in the past few years, coupons now come in the form of discount member cards. Safeway, T.G.I. Fridays and even gas stations all have their own discount member cards. The Student Advantage takes […]

Staff Editorial: Missing the points

Points, as the monetary units the GW plan uses are called, revert back to GW and Aramark with the end of final exams prompting many students – especially those with a substantial amount left over – to ask why. The system set up by Aramark and GW is unfair to students and should be changed […]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: EMeRG continues efforts to get ambulance

University Police created a new permanent Emergency Medical Response Group coordinator position in April in an attempt to strengthen and expand the EMeRG program, said Dolores Stafford, director of University Police. A panel of staff and student EMeRG leaders selected Ryan Miller last month to serve as the new coordinator. Miller is a graduate student […]