April 26, 2001

Volume 97, Issue 62

Stories from the April 26, 2001 issue of the GW Hatchet.

“Jacques Brel” exceeds expectations of student theatre

College musicals are often noted as mediocre productions. Praise for such musicals often come with an asterisk, that denotes a successful performance, considering it was run by students. The Theater and Dance Department’s production of “Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris” hardly deserves to be noted simply as a student play. […]

Students recount Canada protests

Five GW students encountered water cannons, tear gas and rubber bullets as they protested alongside about 40,000 anarchists, socialists, union members and students from Canada and the United States outside the Summit of the Americas in Quebec City, Canada, last weekend. “It was the greatest experience of my life,” sophomore Bernard Pollack, a member of […]

Classic concert footage rekindles Marley spirit

Bob Marley fans will get a sense of nostalgia when they see Bob Marley Live in Concert, but film critics will be disappointed. There is nothing new about the film, which is featured in the TimeFrame series of the D.C. International Film Festival, until April 29. The documentary is a collection of concert footage shot […]

Press secretary presentes guest lecture

White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer described his exhausting campaign experience and daily encounters as part of President George W. Bush’s administration to 30 students Tuesday night at the Media and Public Affairs building. Visiting professor Daniel Jacobs, who invited Fleischer to speak to his U.S. constitutional law and politics class, called Fleischer “a man […]

Functioning with fears

They are the monsters in the closet. They are the shadows lurking behind the bushes. They are the thoughts that invade our mind and cause our hearts to beat faster. They are our fears, and whether they are rational or not, everyone has them. “I’m really afraid of bees, things that fly, also roaches,” senior […]

Ohio congressman addresses CRS

Freshman Rep. Pat Tiberi (R-Ohio) told students Wednesday night that he originally wanted to be a professional baseball player. When that did not work out, he decided to study journalism at Ohio State University hoping to cover Major League Baseball for Sports Illustrated. His plans changed last November when voters elected Tiberi to represent Ohio’s […]

J Street loners

The bustling of J Street can be heard miles away. Students are always popping in and out, socializing and mingling. This boisterous scene can be intimidating to the lone muncher, who shoves off to a discrete corner in order not to be seen. Freshman Mira Browne said she eats alone at least three times a […]

GW beats professor pay curve

GW averages about $5,000 more than the national mean in faculty salaries, according to a recent report based on a survey of 5,786 colleges and universities nationwide. The average full professor’s salary at a private institution is $93,244, according to the American Association of University Professors, which compiled the report. GW pays an average of […]

Staff Editorial: Pay the professors

GW’s tenured, full-time professors earn more than the national average, according to a salary study undertaken by the American Association of University Professors that examined more than 5,000 universities and colleges. When comparing the AAUP’s numbers with those cited by Faculty Senate Fiscal Planning and Budget Committee Chairman William Griffith, though, disturbing disparities become clear. […]

Speaker lineup disappoints

Graduating seniors said they are upset that this year’s lineup of Commencement speakers excludes notable political figures, after the University announced a roster of seven speakers for the May 20 ceremony. Grammy Award-winner Tony Bennett and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Herman Wouk are among the honorary degree recipients who will speak. The speakers will each give […]