April 16, 2001

Volume 97, Issue 59

Stories from the April 16, 2001 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Ani Difranco softens up

Ani Difranco’s new double-CD release offers the best of several worlds. Funk, folk and slow groove are only a few stops on Revelling (Righteous Babe Records). But if its soft, muted tunes are what you’re in the mood for, simply flip over the CD case and pull out the sister disc, Reckoning. Revelling/Reckoning is not […]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Students define sexual harassment

While the Faculty Senate and GW continue a three-year effort to draft an official sexual harassment policy, students said they have difficult time defining sexual harassment. Sophomore Naomi Hackenburg said there are many forms and degrees of sexual harassment. “It can be someone saying things or doing things that make you feel uncomfortable,” she said. […]

The Living End plays punk-rock with a twist

I was in Adelaide, Australia, wandering the streets and trying to work off a hangover. The flashing lights and bustle of Christmas shopping teamed with Australia’s blazing heat did little to improve my already poor condition. And the teeth-rattling decibel level was about to increase. As I ambled down the marketplace I was deafened by […]

George Washington U. drag show challenges concepts of gender, sexuality

By Jane Smith U-WIRE Washington Bureau April 16, 2001 GW Pride — George Washington University’s Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender student organization — proved to hundreds of college students Friday night that looks can be deceiving. The organization sponsored a performance of spectacular drag queens and kings Friday evening, all of whom sparked the interest […]

Dept. of Education receives largest increase in proposed budget

By Sarah Lechner U-WIRE Washington Bureau April 16, 2001 While the Department of Education will receive the largest increase of all domestic departments in President George W. Bush’s proposed budget — including a proposed $1 billion toward federal Pell Grants — some groups say the increases in higher education spending are not enough. If passed, […]

Every hat tells its own tale

It smells like a combination of gym locker, fertilizer and stale Fritos. It is covered with every stain from grass to blood to Cheeze Wiz. It looks like your dad’s slippers after your new puppy hunted them out of the closet and shredded them. And as filthy and gross as it is, men seem unable […]

Credit card debt hits college students

By Ashley M. Heher U-WIRE Washington Bureau April 16, 2001 It was a crisp October weekend in New Hampshire when Kelly Pearson’s father told her they were going to have a barbecue in honor of her weekend visit home from college. “Oh really? What are we having?” she asked as her father hit the gas […]

Tom Green loses his lustre on big screen

The strength of reality humor exemplified by Tom Green is its raw quality. Tom Green’s new movie Freddy Got Fingered (Twentieth Century Fox) attempts to transport that raw humor into a movie world. The fear with a project like this is that a plot line might hamper Green’s ability to amuse with situation comedy. But […]

DCD: Donned in drag and doing their thing

April 13, 2001 Hippodrome 8 p.m. It was the second time I had seen a drag show and I couldn’t wait to see all the different kings and queens. Is there really any better way to spend an evening than with stilettos, big hair and fishnet stockings? When I got to the Hippodrome Friday night […]