April 9, 2001

Volume 97, Issue 57

Stories from the April 9, 2001 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Staff Editorial: Fabricating prestige

GW renamed the residence hall Riverside Towers to International House in a ceremony Thursday continuing a trend at GW of focusing on the trappings of prestige rather than working on the fundamental elements of a university that bring actual reputation. In recent years GW has built multi-million dollar gates, renamed several residence halls transforming Everglades […]

Generic comedy gets medieval

A few simply mindless comedies hit the big screen every year. But audiences usually do not seem to mind. Just Visiting (Hollywood Pictures) employs the same humor as Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and provides a few easy laughs without challenging the mind too much. The movie – scripted after films of the late ’80s […]

Column: Spring fever outbreak grips GW sloths

Friends and strangers alike often come to me for advice. This morning for instance, a troubled gentleman who I had never spoken to before, called my room at 8 a.m. He said, “My name is Charlie from Vintage Foods. I’m here to fill your vending machine.” Needless to say, I have no vending machine. Charlie […]

Letter to the Editor: GW’s traffic woes

GW strives to create a safe place for the students who call its campus home, yet something is keeping this from being achieved – automobiles. To change this, students must reclaim the streets and make them safe for non-automobile traffic. Most GW students walk, rollerblade or ride bicycles to class, and yet the University does […]

Young kicks off lecture series

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Andrew Young talked about the positives and negatives of government-sponsored faith-based initiatives Thursday night at Lisner Auditorium as the featured speaker at the inaugural Richard W. Snowdon Lecture. “Poverty is not a result just of economic deprivation; drug addiction is not a result of economic deprivation,” Young said […]

Letter to the Editor: Apparel politics

University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg claims that GW apparel is not the product of sweatshop labor. He bases his claim on the Follett and Collegiate codes of conduct. This is very reassuring until you read these codes of conduct. For the key issues (e.g. livable wages, safe workplace, maximum number of hours of work per […]

BZA finalizes campus plan

The D.C. Board of Zoning Adjustment finalized GW’s campus plan March 29 that included restrictions GW lawyers called “heavy-handed.” The board already outlined most of the final conditions in discussions leading up to Feb. 13, its last public hearing on the plan. The campus plan is a statement of the University’s property boundaries and uses […]

Letter to the Editor: Housing harangue

Either GW administrators are incredibly stupid or they are incredibly ignorant. The fact my roommates and I had number 1068 in the housing lottery and did not even get to pick a room is mind blowing. Basically no one from the junior class will get housing. This is a deplorable situation created by administrators that […]

GW faces housing crunch

Members of the class of 2003 said they are uncertain where and with whom they will live next year after 40 percent of sophomores who wanted on-campus housing left the lottery without a room last weekend. Director of Housing Services Andy Sonn declined repeated requests to release the total number of students on the guaranteed […]

CRs shoot for gun safety

Members of the GW College Republicans rose at dawn Saturday to learn about gun safety and shoot a few rounds at the National Rifle Association headquarters in Fairfax, Va. Following a brief course on gun safety, a certified NRA instructor escorted students onto a shooting range in groups of four to supervise them as they […]