April 5, 2001

Volume 97, Issue 56

Stories from the April 5, 2001 issue of the GW Hatchet.

A handy tip

People perform the act in various ways to different people. They purchase pocket guides that tell them the right way to do it, and there are many books dedicated to the topic. Web sites discuss the proper etiquette of how to go about it. Tipping has become a worldwide phenomenon that is almost impossible to […]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Students stay with stocks despite market drop

Students and investors are counting their losses, as a drop in the stock market has caused many to re-evaluate their portfolios as their money evaporates. “I’ve gotten destroyed by the stock market,” said sophomore David Ebrahemzadeh, who said he has invested since the age of 13. “I’m not losing money, but my profits have diminished.” […]

Staff Editorial: Residential ‘rithmatic

Rising juniors learned a hard lesson Saturday when only 10 junior numbers were called in the housing lottery. Once again, overcrowding has inconvenienced GW students. The problem is simple: the University admitted and continues to enroll too many students. The housing selection system cracked under the strain, and rising juniors – and a number of […]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Artists address Napster Senate hearings at forum

A crowd of mostly college-age students attended a forum on file-sharing sponsored by online music distributor Napster Monday night downtown to listen to a panel of speakers and offer what one crowd member called “more comments than questions.” Among the forum’s speakers were Napster creator Shawn Fanning, rap artist Chuck D and GW alumnus Mark […]

Op-Ed: Police harass students in bar busts

Let me set the stage for you. It is midnight, and you are at one of D.C.’s finest bars having a $12 mixed drink – not in a yard glass. Suddenly, there is a ruckus behind you. You turn around and see Metropolitan Police officers swooping in to snatch the freshmen. A rainbow of bracelets […]

Photo Essays

Student Association Election 2000 – President-Elect David Burt by Grant Wernick Student Association Election 2000 – Jeff Marootian by Matt Besser World Bank/International Monetary FundProtests – April 16-17 2000 by Andrew Leonard

Letter to the Editor: Parents protest

As parents of a rising junior with a reasonably low housing selection number, 1,166, out of a range of numbers from 1,000-1,999, we are registering our outrage over the flagrant mismanagement and extremely poor planning on the part of the Community Living and Learning Center with regard to the student housing lottery process. When we […]

Blow plays on America’s love affair with crime

Americans have long had a fascination with and even a closeted admiration for that antihero of the American dream – the criminal. From their love affair with John Dillinger to their fascination with the portrayal of mafioso characters in The Godfather, Goodfellas and currently “The Sopranos,” Americans yearn for a glimpse of the underworld. Although […]

Letter to the Editor: Mullet maturity

It seems to me that the some of the authors and editors of this year’s GW Mullet never progressed past the sixth grade mentality that making fun of people is the only way to be funny. The Hatchet has absolutely no right to use the campus newspaper as a means to publicly humiliate other students. […]

Guided By Voices leads its fans to drink

Everything about Guided By Voices’ 12th album, Isolation Drills, shouts ironic. A photograph in a private jet plane, the lo-fi recording quality and the semi-sensible lyrics all contribute to the oddly ripened indie-rock group’s transformation. Lead guitarist and vocalist Robert Pollard formed the band in 1994, bidding farewell to 14 years of teaching fourth graders […]