March 8, 2001

Volume 97, Issue 50

Stories from the March 8, 2001 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Full Media and Public Affairs Opening Schedule

Wednesday, March 7 Tours of the new building MPA building, 5 p.m. Ribbon-cutting ceremony MPA building, 6:15 p.m. The Kalb Report with Bernard Shaw National Press Club, 14th and F streets, 8 p.m. Thursday, March 8 Continental Breakfast MPA lobby, 8:30 a.m. Speaker: Bob Schieffer, CBS News chief Washington correspondent MPA auditorium, 9 a.m. Speaker: […]

Staff Editorial: MPA opens in style

The School of Media and Public Affairs is in the midst of hosting the grand opening of its new building this week. The festivities, which include panel discussions with SMPA faculty and nationally renowned media figures, began Wednesday and continue until Thursday evening. SMPA faculty, administrators and officials in the Office of University Special Events […]

Forum: System leaves juniors jaded, homeless

The new housing lottery plan formulated by the Residence Hall Association and the Community Living and Learning Center, or “housing selection” as it is now being called, leaves most juniors hopelessly scrambling for housing. With the new program initiated this year, rising juniors and seniors pick last, after rising sophomores. Certain halls are reserved for […]

SA Election results

Results of the Student Association Elections President WINNER: Roger Kapoor 56.5 percent Bob Simon 29.5 percent Daniel Loren 13.9 percent Executive vice president WINNER: Joshua Singer 41.5 percent Mike Pellegrino 38.7 percent J.P. Blackford 19.8 percent Referendum on SA student fee: passes yes 66.7 percent no 33.3 percent Referendum on proposed new SA constitution: fails […]

Former CF breaks silence on resignation

As the new class of community facilitators enters training session at the Community Living and Learning Center, Mike Donaldson, a former CF at The Dakota, said overreaching expectations caused his resignation. “I think that in light of my situation that the CLLC should do something about the discrepancies in the CFs’ responsibilities across campus,” Donaldson […]

Op-Ed: Library lock outs are unnecessary

Over the past few weeks, I have witnessed and been subject to an increasingly disturbing set of circumstances at Gelman Library. Students who forget their GWorld card or whose otherwise-valid card does not swipe correctly at Gelman are denied admittance without further consideration. The problem of cards not swiping confronted me last Friday afternoon while […]

Everclear drummer talks about Bad Attitude

There was a time, or so we are told, when rock ‘n’ roll was the realm of titans, when bands cranked out countless quality tunes over the span of long musical careers. But the time of career musicians has largely dissipated, leaving pre-fab pop and one-hit wonders to rule the music industry. Musicians still try […]

Senators call for SA unity

A new class of freshman senators will join the Student Association next year with hopes for unity and change within the organization. Senators running on the GWUnited platform came away with five Senate seats, while members on the Change for Students slate took four. But while GWUnited members plan to stick to their platform in […]

Letter to the Editor: Reality rocks

I would like to expres my disappointment in last Monday’s Hatchet article on reality TV (“TV shows get reality check,” Feb. 26, p. 6). Each quote was negative, and The Hatchet failed to represent a large portion of readers who enjoy reality TV. My roommates, friends and I are among those readers. Every Wednesday my […]

Hall explains the Weird Science behind teen movies

Most people remember Anthony Michael Hall as the geeky star of such classic ’80s movies as Pretty in Pink, Weird Science and The Breakfast Club. But few can remember his more recent work. Fans forget his role in the brilliant Six Degrees of Separation or his tough-guy character in Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands. The first […]