March 8, 2001

Volume 97, Issue 50

Stories from the March 8, 2001 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Everclear drummer talks about Bad Attitude

There was a time, or so we are told, when rock ‘n’ roll was the realm of titans, when bands cranked out countless quality tunes over the span of long musical careers. But the time of career musicians has largely dissipated, leaving pre-fab pop and one-hit wonders to rule the music industry. Musicians still try […]

Senators call for SA unity

A new class of freshman senators will join the Student Association next year with hopes for unity and change within the organization. Senators running on the GWUnited platform came away with five Senate seats, while members on the Change for Students slate took four. But while GWUnited members plan to stick to their platform in […]

Letter to the Editor: Reality rocks

I would like to expres my disappointment in last Monday’s Hatchet article on reality TV (“TV shows get reality check,” Feb. 26, p. 6). Each quote was negative, and The Hatchet failed to represent a large portion of readers who enjoy reality TV. My roommates, friends and I are among those readers. Every Wednesday my […]

Hall explains the Weird Science behind teen movies

Most people remember Anthony Michael Hall as the geeky star of such classic ’80s movies as Pretty in Pink, Weird Science and The Breakfast Club. But few can remember his more recent work. Fans forget his role in the brilliant Six Degrees of Separation or his tough-guy character in Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands. The first […]

GW Hospital treats Cheney heart attack

Vice President Dick Cheney returned to GW Hospital for a second time in four months Monday, after experiencing chest pains over the weekend. The vice president underwent a cardiac catherization Monday night, an hour-long procedure to reopen an artery that was treated following Cheney’s November heart attack. A stainless steel stent, which doctor’s implanted in […]

Staff Editorial: Kapoor campaign kaput

The Joint Elections Committee found Roger Kapoor in contempt early Thursday morning, preventing him from becoming Student Association president – a position he won in the popular vote. Responding to a complaint, the JEC investigated Kapoor campaign’s financial dealings, focusing on the price he paid for pizzas distributed in a series of campaign events. After […]

Frusciante’s new solo effort stands up by itself

We’ve all done it. You buy a CD, take it home and quickly deem it the worst expenditure since the admission fee to Dude, Where’s My Car? Then, after a second chance the CD begins to grow on you like the pimple you thought would just go away. This is the case with John Frusciante’s […]

CRs host young Republican

The youngest congressman in D.C. told GW College Republicans it is their time to make change Tuesday night in the Marvin Center. Rep. Adam Putnam (R-Fla.) urged young Republicans to get involved in politics. “I am not on an MTV crusade to `Rock the Vote,’ but I do think it is time for young people […]

SMPA opens with gala ceremony

The School of Media and Public Affairs officially opened its new building to the world Wednesday with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and a GW co-sponsored Kalb Report with Bernard Shaw at the National Press Club. The opening ceremony, featuring appearances by Ken Sparks, director of the Federal City Council, D.C. city council member Jack Evans and […]

15 Minutes manages to spice up a generic action plot

In an era when reality television rules, shocking and violent programs pass as entertainment. A desensitized public that is always looking for the next best thrill makes real-life killers into celebrities. Director John Herzeld’s new film, 15 Minutes (New Line Cinema), adds an interesting spin to the played-out action-thriller genre, showing the interactions between the […]