March 5, 2001

Volume 97, Issue 49

Stories from the March 5, 2001 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Gods of geekdom rule Bender Arena

Remember high school dances? Everyone came back to school at night to find the gym tragically transformed into a ballroom, with the help of tacky streamers, a geeky student band and that unavoidable disco-ball. Weezer brought this scene back Friday night at the Yahoo! Sponsored “Commercial Sell-Out Tour 2001,” set in American University’s bender Arena. […]

Students compare off-campus choices

GW students must once again make a gamble choosing to find housing in the District’s tight real estate market or the University’s limited residence hall options. “Housing is a huge issue at this school,” said Kristin McLeod, a sophomore living in The Aston. “There just isn’t enough space.” At colleges with suburban or rural settings, […]

Urban schools find housing solutions

Urban universities faced with the problems of tight real estate markets and space constrictions deal with providing on-campus housing for students in different ways. Students at New York University, which occupies part of New York City’s Greenwich Village, fill out a lottery card with the names of students they want to live with and their […]

Column: Slang ain’t square, y’all

Have you ever thought about how many ways people communicate? There are so many ways to say “hello.” You can do the hard-guy nod where you twitch your head up and under your breath give a “wassup.” Or slap hands and give a half hug. But language does more than say “hello.” Look at how […]

GW Foggy Bottom Map

1. THE ASTON rising sophomores doubles $7,820 a year cable modem, cable TV fitness room private kitchens 2. THE WEST END rising juniors and seniors doubles ($6670), super doubles ($6770), triples ($6300), quads ($6140) cable modem, one telephone jack per room, private kitchens 3. CRAWFORD 4. THE SCHENLEY rising sophomores doubles ($7,040), super doubles ($7,190), […]

Column: SA politicos play dress up in elections

“Kapoor wins … no wait, we are putting the Columbian School back in the too-close-to-call category.” Judging from this year’s Student Association election, this is how WRGW’s coverage of the race would have gone had the station covered this increasingly unimportant yearly event that continues to measure GW’s political silliness. With all the political infighting, […]

Bush takes tax plan on the road to gain support

By Alex Kingsbury U-WIRE Washington Bureau March 5, 2001 President George W. Bush sent his $1.6 trillion budget to Congress last Wednesday and set out on the road to drum up public support for his new economic vision of the United States. The president visited Pittsburgh before heading to Omaha, Neb., Little Rock, Ark., and […]

Staff Editorial: High-cost housing

If the past is any indication, the housing lottery – set to begin Sunday – promises to be a stressful experience for students unable to acquire the room of their choice. Adding to the anxiety are flaws in the housing lottery system. From auctioning top picks to requiring students to sign leases when they first […]