March 5, 2001

Volume 97, Issue 49

Stories from the March 5, 2001 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Column: SA politicos play dress up in elections

“Kapoor wins … no wait, we are putting the Columbian School back in the too-close-to-call category.” Judging from this year’s Student Association election, this is how WRGW’s coverage of the race would have gone had the station covered this increasingly unimportant yearly event that continues to measure GW’s political silliness. With all the political infighting, […]

Bush takes tax plan on the road to gain support

By Alex Kingsbury U-WIRE Washington Bureau March 5, 2001 President George W. Bush sent his $1.6 trillion budget to Congress last Wednesday and set out on the road to drum up public support for his new economic vision of the United States. The president visited Pittsburgh before heading to Omaha, Neb., Little Rock, Ark., and […]

Staff Editorial: High-cost housing

If the past is any indication, the housing lottery – set to begin Sunday – promises to be a stressful experience for students unable to acquire the room of their choice. Adding to the anxiety are flaws in the housing lottery system. From auctioning top picks to requiring students to sign leases when they first […]

Staff Editorial: Just count the votes

The Student Court ruled correctly early Friday morning in tossing out several frivolous violations charged against Student Association presidential candidate Roger Kapoor despite a process that was overflowing with unnecessary melodrama. After the court’s ruling, the Joint Elections Committee attempted to reverse its pattern of poor judgment Friday when it also wisely dismissed a multitude […]

Vice President Cheney checks in to DC hospital

By Zeb Eckert U-WIRE Washington Bureau March 5, 2001 Vice President Richard Cheney voluntarily checked into George Washington University hospital Monday for his second heart procedure in five months, the White House said Monday afternoon. Hours after reportedly talking with President George Bush about his heart condition, Cheney, 60, went to the downtown Washington hospital […]

Letter to the Editor: Drink o’ the Irish

I was shocked to read the “Bar Belle’s” review of The Dubliner (March 1, p. 10). She incorrectly evaluated the quality of this establishment. My friends and I spent a night at The Dubliner recently. Both the bar and eating area were crammed with people. The atmosphere was homey and pleasant. Most importantly, the beer […]

Court hearings clear way for SA vote count

The Student Association will announce the winners of last week’s elections Wednesday morning after a weekend of indecision by SA officials on when to begin the count. The SA Student Court lifted its block on vote counting Sunday afternoon, allowing the Joint Elections Committee to tally votes. After issuing a press release at 10:23 p.m. […]

WEB UPDATE: Kapoor leads presidential race, Singer ahead for EVP

Roger Kapoor has an early lead in the Student Association presidential race after a hand count of about 15 percent of the votes Tuesday night, according to Joint Elections Committee estimates. With his current total of 321 votes, Kapoor holds about 57 percent of the vote. Presidential candidates need 40 percent of the total vote […]

Letter to the Editor: Due process don’ts

I was delighted that the Forum section was devoted to the proposed sexual harassment code on March 1 because it is such an important issue. But it was misleading for The Hatchet to fail to include with my article the specific examples of lack of due process and fundamental fairness in the proposed code. I […]