February 22, 2001

Volume 97, Issue 46

Stories from the February 22, 2001 issue of the GW Hatchet.

WEB COLUMN: Common ironies

I spend most of my days thinking about the little things that others probably do not pick up on. Call them common ironies or whatever they may be, they leave me perplexed and often unable to concentrate on what is really important. It is pretty common that a lot of professors have written and published […]

Forum: Bombing kills innocents

Let’s focus on the facts of why bombing Iraq is clearly a stupid action. Fact 1: Saddam Hussein is the most villainous dictator in the world and should be removed by any means necessary. Fact 2: Bombing villages and dropping chemicals upon the people he oppresses, as the U.S. and Britain have done for eight […]

Iturbe ignites Colonials past Fordham

Fordham coach Bob Hill walked toward GW coach Tom Penders 15 seconds before time ran out on the Colonials’ lopsided 92-76 victory Wednesday night, shook hands and stormed off the Smith Center court. He changed his clothes in the locker room and then began a post-game tirade about his team’s performance. It was that bad […]

Forum: Strikes protect U.S. pilots

There is a growing effort to distort the conflict in Iraq by blurring ethnic and human rights issues. The Bush administration, however, has chosen to address the cause of the problem and refuses to participate in international bickering. Air strikes last Friday by U.S. and British forces, despite what some believe, have been well overdue. […]

Women look for big things in final games

For the first time since 1993, the GW women’s basketball will play its final two home games at the Smith Center. The team is heading into the homestretch, literally. On Thursday the women host St. Bonaventure and on Sunday they host Rhode Island. The Colonials will use these games to prepare for the Atlantic 10 […]

Staff Editorial: On your mark

The campaign season officially hit full stride at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday when candidates were allowed to begin plastering posters on the sides of campus buildings. This year’s elections offer the promise of a shorter, less annoying experience for campaign-weary students due to wise rule changes by the Joint Elections Commission and Student Association Senate. Candidates, […]

MVC rules restrict election posters

Some students said discrepancies between campaign postering rules at GW’s Foggy Bottom and Mount Vernon campuses are unfair because they restrict Mount Vernon residents from receiving candidate information. The Joint Elections Committee designates two locations for candidates to put up campaign posters at Mount Vernon, a more limited area than at the Foggy Bottom campus. […]

Staff Editorial: Kicked to the curb

Residents of the University-owned apartment building at 2109 F St. received letters Feb. 1 telling them to leave by May 31, no matter how long their leases run. GW has the legal right to revoke the leases, but its use of this privilege is alarming. Giving just four months notice and providing no accommodations for […]

Ruling may halt Napster

Students say they are still downloading away despite a decision by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that could result in a shutdown of Napster, a free on-line music swapping service. The court ruled last week that Napster must prevent users from sharing copyrighted materials. Napster officials said preventing music sharing is a near-impossible […]

Poster campaigns ignite election race

Student Association election campaigning intensified Wednesday afternoon as candidates jostled for prime positions to hang posters starting at 5:30 p.m. The strategies began early in the morning, ending in one injury and at least one physical confrontation over wall space. The Joint Elections Committee will investigate one alleged campaign violation for a car covered with […]