February 8, 2001

Volume 97, Issue 42

Stories from the February 8, 2001 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Staff editorial: Riding a rising tuition tide

Tuition will, like the sun, always rise. This sentiment prevails on many campuses and GW is not immune. In fact, the price of tuition will increase 4.4 percent next year. While periodic hikes are expected, administrators should better explain the frequency, magnitude and purpose of GW’s tuition increases to the parents and students footing the […]

Campus plan vote delayed

The Board of Zoning Adjustment delayed a vote on GW’s campus plan for a second time Wednesday to decide whether GW can follow through with promises for on-campus housing and parking, a BZA official said. “(BZA members) want to make sure that the commitments that are being made are actually being followed through,” said Sheri […]


Reviewing religion I read The Hatchet’s review of Left Behind with a great deal of amusement. Given the amount of grassroots hype the movie has enjoyed based on the popular book series, I am surprised you think the movie was deceptive in becoming a forum for religious ideology. Of course it was propaganda. This movie […]

Staff editorial: Staying safe

Two armed robberies, an attempted snatch-and-grab theft and a fugitive arrest just off campus, Wednesday’s shooting outside the White House and two murders at a local university. These events should compel GW students to be more guarded about their safety on and around campus. Most of GW’s security concerns lie at the periphery of campus, […]

Hatchet shows anti-protest bias

Your articles on the protests at George W. Bush’s inauguration and Dick Cheney’s recent appearance and the subsequent letters printed on your editorial page were a disgrace to both college journalism and the romantic ideal of the questioning university student. As a journalism major and a campus activist, I find it sad that the New […]

Forum: Still too many unanswered questions

As a concerned student, I pay close attention to what goes on in the Student Association. I guess I am among the few who actually place value in what is the voice of the student body. This is why I am so concerned about the new SA constitution that is being proposed. Dan Loren, former […]

Sno-core Ball hits with metal edge

In its six-year history Sno-Core has become the ideal tour for up-and-coming artists to mingle with veteran acts. Each year a diverse mix of groups, ranging from pop-punksters Blink 182 to rap group The Alkaholiks, shares the stage to rock out for large crowds. This year Sno-Core will try something different, splitting the event into […]

`Great Communicator’ turns 90

Tuesday was former President Ronald Reagan’s 90th birthday. As we move forward into the new century, it is fitting that we reflect on the remarkable life he lived, the bold leadership he offered our nation and the world at the crossroads of history and the powerful vision of America he left as his legacy. Ronald […]

Geddy Lee tries to beat the Rush

What happens when one of the most innovative and experimental rock bands of all time breaks up? It’s quite simple actually. The (former) lead singer gathers together a band that seems to match his old band and attempts to revive the fire that died with his original group. This is the tale of former Rush […]

Forum: New constitution will make SA work

Change – it is the single most frightening word for just about everyone. And yet here we stand, as a student body, with the chance to make that change. I have been proud to serve as a senator to the Student Association representing the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences. I have had the first-hand […]