January 29, 2001

Volume 97, Issue 39

Stories from the January 29, 2001 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Spring Break Guide: GW prepares for break

Despite recent below-freezing temperatures, beaches still dominate coverage on MTV’s Spring Break party segments. And while signs of snow linger and midterms loom ahead, minds drift to the MTV-popularized Spring Break destinations. In mid-March school will let out and many students will fly to their own destination paradise. Sophomores Gandhi Lindor and Donovan Vassell said […]

Winner finishes 71 wings in first GWing competition

Sophomore Guye Turner is using wings to go anywhere in the continental United States, only he’s not flying, he’s eating – chicken wings that is, and 71 of them. Turner, who called himself “Tank” for the first-ever GWing bowl, beat 19 other contestants by eating the most buffalo-style chicken wings in two five-minute rounds at […]

Column: Walking into a new millennium

It is coming to an Ellipse near you. With new corporate sponsorship, the 2001 GW Tostidos Commencement Ceremony looms just around the corner. For those who have spent the last four to seven years occupying various administration buildings, filling out blue books and butting heads with the infamous GW bureaucracy, the day promises to be […]

Sping Break Guide: Road trips cater to students

Road trips are a highly regarded tradition at universities across the country, and GW is no exception. The ageless ritual, recently popularized by the summer blockbuster movie Road Trip, is accessible to budget-minded students looking for adventure and great stories to tell friends back home. What makes the traditional road trip so popular among college […]

New Found Glory chats with Hatchet about success

In music today bands are often hit with specific classifications, labeled by their sound and lumped together with the other bands in a specific genre. While some fall in the strict musical style of rock, rap and punk, in reality many come from diverse musical backgrounds that help them to relate with other types of […]