January 29, 2001

Volume 97, Issue 39

Stories from the January 29, 2001 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Column: Quoth the Ravens, it’s Baltimore

And you can book this one to the Birds. The Baltimore Ravens proved that defense truly does win championships. Despite coming close to disaster a couple times, the special teams and offense played good enough to allow the defense to just do its thing. And that’s all they needed to do. Kerry Collins succumbed to […]

Letter: Crude protest

I am shocked and appalled after reading Monday’s Hatchet (“Bush, Cheney honor veterans at GW,” Jan. 21, p. 1). To begin with, what did the protesters hope to accomplish when they picketed the Smith Center on Friday at an event honoring the veterans? Perhaps this was just simply an exercise in self-aggrandizement. After all it […]

DCD: Group rings in new year China style

January 27, 2001 Marvin Center 413 7:30 p.m. When Americans think of the new year, they think champagne, yelling in large crowds and the bright ball that drops in Times Square. Within my first step into Marvin Center room 413 to celebrate the Chinese New Year, I realized the Chinese take a slightly different approach. […]

Student group brings D.C. underground to GW

Who says the D.C. music scene is dead? Well, actually a lot of people are saying that these days. The infamous D.C. underground scene of yesteryear has largely dissipated in recent years. Club closings have made it harder for smaller bands to find suitable venues. For this reason many bands are opting to take their […]

GW renames Columbian School to remember past

GW will change the name of the Columbian School of Arts and Sciences to the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences in July to return to its roots and alleviate confusion about the organization of the school. Faculty and administrators “had never been thrilled about the name to begin with,” University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg […]

Spring Break Guide: Campus quiets down during week off class

The Rasta culture of Jamaica, the wild slopes of the Rockies, big-wave surfing off of Hawaii or even another tranquil week in the pre-tourist season at the Jersey shore? Negative. For me, I spent my first college Spring Break right here in D.C. in a week of virtual solitude. The cleaning staff and me spending […]

PB will not host big concerts

Cypress Hill is the biggest concert GW will get this year because of limited campus venue space and an emphasis on student bands, Program Board Chairman Seth Weinert said. Unlike past years, PB will not host any large concerts in the Smith Center because of tight basketball schedules and a limited budget, Weinert said. “The […]

Trance anthology offers decade review

Trance, like any musical genre, is an evolving art form. Born out of the acid house movement of the late ’80s and early ’90s, trance is now one of the most dominant forms of electronic music in the country. Production company +8 helped lead the movement, and continues to release quality albums. Started by John […]

Student trio designs own clothes label

Freshmen Pia Varma, Jessica Crowell and Erin Devine are not just roommates in Thurston Hall, they are business partners. The three entrepreneurs have launched their own clothing company, Jeria, named after the surnames of its founders. Jeria Wear is a line of chic clothing created by and for GW students, Varma said. The idea behind […]

Mount Vernon opens health clinic

GW’s Mount Vernon Campus opened a new student health services clinic in Merriweather Hall this month, replacing the clinic in Somers Hall that was closed because of construction last semester. The new clinic provides similar services as the Student Health Services clinic in Foggy Bottom, but it will not give allergy shots, said Isabel Goldenberg, […]