January 25, 2001

Volume 97, Issue 38

Stories from the January 25, 2001 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Expecting a low score, New York vs. Baltimore

With this weekend’s Super Bowl between the AFC Champion Baltimore Ravens and the NFC Champion New York Giants approaching, GW students are getting ready. In a school made up of many New York and Baltimore residents, it is safe to say many students will have a particular interest in the game’s outcome. “I don’t think […]

Web only: GW welcomes students with festivities

The Marvin Center was abuzz with music, food and fun Friday during Playtime! Night, part of GW’s Winter Welcome Week activities. Three floors were decked out with themes, activities and giveaways. J Street hosted a country ho-down with arm wrestling in front, line dancing led by a cowboy clad in Western attire and a mechanical […]

Val Brown jump shot sinks Duquesne on road

Once again the Colonials battled down to the wire, this time in pursuit of their first road win and their second Atlantic 10 victory of the season. And finally, after coming up just short so many times earlier this season, the final seconds went GW’s way. Sophomore SirValiant Brown hit a fadeaway12-foot jump shot with […]

Brief: Marvin Center construction continues

As the Marvin Center construction continues into its third year, students came back from winter break to find J Street and the GW Bookstore smaller, making the lunch rush hours and initial book-buying frenzy even more congested than usual. “In essence we only lost 20 seats with the placement of the temporary wall and there […]

Huntingtons exeplify Punk Ethic

Bands often fade into obscurity after enjoying a brief period of support from mainstream culture. But some groups intentionally avoid breaking into the mainstream in order to avoid the snares of musical fads. Baltimore-based punk rock outfit The Huntingtons have such staying power. The Huntingtons started playing upbeat punk music in 1994, influenced by legendary […]

Religious groups take Bush on faith

During his presidential campaign, George W. Bush campaigned on a platform of personal piety and compassionate conservatism, garnering support from religious groups across the country. Members of some religious groups congratulated the president on his mention of non-Christian religions in his inaugural address. “I appreciated that Bush made a reference to mosques in his address, […]

Bar Reviews: Ozio not a great value

Got connections at Ozio? Yeah, we thought we had some, too. So we rocked up to Ozio last Thursday night where a line 10 people deep stood before us, all hoping to get in for free with the same “connection.” Forget any “connection” we thought we had, because we were surprised to find ourselves coughing […]

Brief: Rooms remain secure over break

There were no reports of stolen property from residence halls upon students’ return from winter break for only the second time since 1993, said Dolores Stafford, director of the University Police Department. “Historically there has only been one year (before this year) that we didn’t have a string of thefts in residence halls during winter […]

Vampire is shadow of a great movie

In 1922 German director V.S. Murnau revolutionized the genre of the horror film with Nosferatutu, a silent picture with a bloodthirsty vampire as its central character. Murnau could not acquire the rights to film the story of the famous Dracula, so he simply created the character of “Count Orlock” to replace him. Now, decades later […]

Forum: Palm foment free speech, ideas

Does anyone like palmcarding? I am sure the answer is a resounding no. I have palmcarded and been palmcarded during my years on campus, and I never enjoyed either. That said, why should we continue to palmcard? The answer is to get the word out about elections. If the Student Association is to be an […]