January 22, 2001

Volume 97, Issue 37

Stories from the January 22, 2001 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Spotlight: Student raise service-learning awarenessSpotlight: Student raise service-learning awarenessSpotlight: Student raise service-learning awareness

Nelda Brown, a second-year student in the public administration master’s degree program exemplifies all the characteristics needed to be called a public servant. Brown has been a community leader since her high school days and has continued to take an active role serving the public in her career and her studies. Brown, from Oklahoma, attended […]

New president calls for harmony

President George W. Bush stressed American unity and urged Americans to serve their neighbors at his inauguration Saturday. Despite rainy, barely above freezing weather, hundreds of thousands of onlookers gathered in front of the Capitol to witness the inauguration. “Civility is not a tactic or a sentiment,” Bush said. “It is the determined choice of […]

DCD: No carriage, just the Metro

January 20, 2001 Omni Shoreham Hotel 8 p.m. My parents, my hairdresser, friends from home and the woman who sits at the front desk of my apartment all thought I was going to an inaugural ball. A real inaugural ball. It would take too long to explain that I would not be rubbing elbows with […]

Letter to the Editor: Ars electronica

I have been quite happy to see the recent trend in Hatchet articles that have explored the electronic music subculture. However, this most recent article (“Driving a subculture,” Jan. 16, p. 10) strikes me as rather outdated. First of all, it was almost ten years ago when acid house, Chicago house and techno were the […]

Upcoming Games

Monday – no games scheduled Tuesday – Men’s basketball at Duquesne 9:30 p.m. (ESPN2) Wednesday – Women’s basketball vs. Duquesne 7:00 p.m.

Letter to the Editor: Rave reality

I was originally excited to see the article “Driving a subculture” (p. 10) in the Jan. 16 issue of The Hatchet. I was expecting a student newspaper to do a superior job in describing the rave culture compared to what the national media has been able to do up to this point. Yet I was […]

Super Bowl Predictions

It’s either the Baltimore Ravens or the New York Giants. So does that mean that either Trent Dilfer or Kerry Collins will be leading their team to Disney World as Super Bowl champions? Well, not necessarily. In this game all coaches are probably asking of their QBs to make fewer mistakes than their opponent. The […]

Column: Betting it all on gambling reform

Nevada is universally recognized as the gambling capital of the world, a desert oasis where nearly anything goes. Not too far outside Las Vegas, which boasts more than half the world’s largest hotels each replete with casinos that do billions of dollars in business each year, even prostitution is legal. Another nearly universally recognized taboo […]

Swimming teams finish third, Fortuny places first

Alvaro Fortuny continued his dominance by winning the 100-yard breaststroke (:58.44) in Saturday’s tri-meet with Massachusetts and the University of Maryland-Baltimore County; but the GW men’s and women’s swimming teams finished behind their two opponents. Fortuny finished second in the 200-yard breaststroke event. Other strong finishes for GW included Jeremy Hoders’ first-place finish in the […]

Pledge creates bitter rift

As the holiday movie season sputters out, a new set of films are making their bid for box-office dollars. The Pledge (Warner Bros.), which opened Friday, received both widespread acclaim and open disdain from critics and moviegoers alike. The Pledge marks the second time Jack Nicholson (As Good as it Gets) and sometimes-director Sean Penn […]