January 18, 2001

Volume 97, Issue 36

Stories from the January 18, 2001 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Staff Editorial: Witnesses to history

Saturday marks one of the seminal moments in a GW student’s Washington experience. By virtue of the term of the presidency coinciding with the standard duration of college, every GW student theoretically has the opportunity to witness and perhaps even participate in a presidential inauguration. GW students should not squander their position as witnesses to […]

Senate rejects palmcarding bill

The Student Association rejected a measure banning palmcarding and forms of “bribery” during the SA elections at a senate meeting Tuesday night. The bill, introduced to the senate through a student petition by SA President Dave Burt, failed 14-0 with four abstentions. The bill called to amend the Joint Elections Committee Charter to ban “all […]

Forum: Brave new world

For most of us this is the first inauguration we will witness in Washington. Now it is finally time for a new Republican administration to take over. Throughout the campaign, Bush pledged to ensure every American child has the opportunity to receive an exemplary education. He promised a tax cut with the focus of giving […]

Committee drops SMPA fee issue

Majors in the School of Media and Public Affairs will pay an extra $1,000 starting next fall, as part of a capital fund to continually update technology in the new SMPA building. The school will also begin admitting incoming freshman starting with next year’s freshman class. SMPA Dean Jean Folkerts said students admitted to the […]

Hellcab proves to be light fare

Since its creation six years ago, Cherry Red Productions has brought to D.C. such plays as Cannibal Cheerleaders on Crack, Baked Baby and Zombies Attack! The local theater company is “dedicated to plays that appeal first to the body, then to the mind” and describes its members as “a no-good bunch of actors, directors and […]

Staff Editorial: Moving toward reform

Senators unanimously rejected a proposal by SA President David Burt seeking an end to palmcarding during SA elections. While the rejection of the bill could leave students vulnerable to harassment in the face of overzealous office-seekers, it preserves candidates’ freedom to spread their campaign message. Senators also approved a bill prohibiting “bribes” to voters on […]

Ender’s Game author hits town with new book

One of the most celebrated science-fiction writers in history continues a popular series with a novel that stands out among past successes. Orson Scott Card, who earned international recognition in the late ’80s for his sci-fi classic Ender’s Game (Tor Books) and three subsequent books in the series, was in town Sunday promoting his new […]

Forum: Why protest Bush?

This Saturday, you can help change history forever. Not since Richard Nixon’s 1973 inauguration will so many people protest the election of a president. The protests will culminate the movement made visible in demonstrations against the World Trade Organization in Seattle. While it is distressing that a society that embraces the peace movement of the […]

Independent filmmakers find a new medium

Hollywood and the film industry have seen a lot of changes in the past few years. Audiences and filmmakers alike have grown tired of the typical Hollywood blockbuster movies, which offer little ingenuity or style. With a movie industry still flooded with monotonous “summer blockbuster” films that offer no real substance, audiences and critics are […]

Liberals mad at Bush in Ashcroft fight

John Ashcroft is the most qualified nominee for attorney general ever presented to the Senate. His career is distinguished by the quality of his leadership, integrity and dedication to service. Ashcroft is conservative but not reactionary. While liberals may disagree with Ashcroft’s stances, it is irresponsible to assault Ashcroft’s record as Drew Holland did in […]