December 7, 2000

Volume 97, Issue 33

Stories from the December 7, 2000 issue of the GW Hatchet.

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Sigma Alpha Epsilon plans to reopen house by May

More than three months after D.C. officials condemned the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house, members say the house is on track to reopen by May, after the national fraternity and alumni members donated $500,000 for renovations. Jared Reiss, a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and former chapter president, said the fraternity expects construction to start […]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Nader and campus Greens continue campaign progress

Ralph Nader supporters on campus said they consider the Green Pary candidate’s bid for presidency successful despite only garnering three percent of the national vote Nov. 7. Sophomore Bernard Pollack was the volunteer coordinator for the Nader campaign in D.C. Through the campaign we have established 900 Green chapters around the country, he said. We […]

Senators fail to show up to meeting

Student Association President David Burt, in attendance at the SA Senate meeting Tuesday, said senator attendance was poor and called for senators to give their proxy, come to meetings or resign. Burt watched as senators were forced to table all motions because of the lack of a quorum to pass bylaws. Only 16 of the […]

Calendar tightens reading period

Students hoping to cram a semester’s worth of course work into the reading period may have to battle the clock next week because GW’s calendar only offers a two-day hiatus before the beginning of exam period. GW’s academic calendar, which is planned several years in advance, lists next Monday as the last day of classes […]

Journalists can have opinions, too

(U-WIRE) EAST LANSING, Mich. – As a critic of the media, you might think the word objectivity dominates my vocabulary. For so many of my colleagues and readers, that word represents integrity, the pillar of ethical journalism, often their only consideration when critically analyzing the news. It is abhorrent for a media member to be […]

WEB COLUMN: Aramark’s `fuzzy math’

I recently met up with a friend at J Street to grab a quick bite to eat after class. The usual 12:15 p.m. lunch crowd was at a steady roar, and the line at Chik-Fil-A had just about reached Starbucks. While waiting in line, we discussed what we would be choosing from the menu selections. […]

Staff Editorial: Crammed days

This fall, the traditional reading period that separates the end of classes from the onset of final exams seems much shorter. Actually, the time allotted by the University for reading days has not changed from last year. What has changed is where they fall during the week. The University should ensure that students receive ample […]

Staff Editorial: Dining disservice

J Street managers say they are not aware of students’ complaints regarding rude behavior by staff members. Perhaps students are complaining more to their friends than to managers, but the more important problems are the lack of quality service at GW’s main dining facilities and the apparent ignorance of supervisors. Something must change. Either dining […]

Forum: GW already overcrowded

After hundreds of hours of meetings, negotiations and hearings, the Foggy Bottom community and the mayor’s Office of Planning have not been able to agree with GW on the terms of its proposed campus plan. GW claims to have met every concern. It would be closer to the truth to say that GW still does […]