October 26, 2000

Volume 97, Issue 23

Stories from the October 26, 2000 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Staff editorial: Security slip

A man followed two female students into Aston Hall early Sunday morning and attempted to rob them in an elevator. While the students escaped unharmed, the incident probably would not have occurred if the University employed effective security measures in the Aston. The most disturbing element is that there was neither a Community Host nor […]

Honors Program prepares for move

GW Honors Program Director David Alan Grier said he is looking for student leadership to help the program’s partial relocation to the Mount Vernon Campus. He met with members of the Honors Program Tuesday night in Lafayette Hall to explain the changes for next year. The University announced last week plans to house 50 current […]

Students escape robbery at Aston Hall

A male suspect attempted to rob two female students in Aston Hall early Sunday morning after following them into the building, a UPD official said. A Community Host was scheduled to sit at the front door when the incident happened, but nobody was there when the man entered. The suspect, described as a 5-foot 6-inch […]

Forum: Bush seen as trustworthy in debates

Through the debates this past month, the American people had the opportunity to listen to the candidates and their platforms. Governor Bush presented a platform in which he trusts the American people; whereas Vice President Al Gore advocated a platform for a larger government that would exert more control in an individual’s life. Governor Bush […]

Students examine campus smoking scene

It brings students together outside of the library, on the steps of the Marvin Center, around the clock in Kogan Plaza and in front of residence halls. It draws students from all different classes, interests and majors together in the rain, sun and snow. This unifying ritual is cigarette smoking. Despite the increased awareness of […]

Smoke fills Munson

Munson Hall residents said a faulty oven caused their building to fill with smoke Wednesday afternoon, leading to an evacuation. But University officials say the fault lies with the two students. Munson resident Jason Pozner said he came home after class at 3:05 p.m., smelled smoke and heard the smoke alarm going off in his […]

The new feminism

(U-WIRE) PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Jane is pro-choice. Jane loves chocolate. She backs candidates who strive to change the wages inequity that exists in this country. She likes boys who wear Abercrombie & Fitch. She wishes she looked a little more like Jennifer Lopez. She believes in human rights and equality for men and women. Is […]

Forum: Gore champions students, families

Election 2000 has proven to be one of the most substantive campaigns in recent years. Both respective campaigns have focused largely on the issues providing striking contrasts and parallels. At the end of these three presidential debates, it is clear Al Gore and George W. Bush each clearly stand for different policies serving different people. […]

GW beats tuition average

GW’s tuition increase for this academic year was less than the average of private universities around the country, according to a study released last week by the College Board, but GW still has the highest tuition among D.C. universities. The study reports GW’s 4.5 percent tuition increase for the 2000-01 academic year falls below the […]

Rooting for the lesser of two evils

It just doesn’t seem fair. I am a good person, I give to charity; babies and small animals love me. I am also a good baseball fan. I hold Red Sox season tickets, I keep score at games and I go to rainy April games against the Devil Rays. While friends of mine have jumped […]